Sunday, July 29, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Curious Case of James Wolfe Continues…

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How did Bill Zanker start a business with $5,000 and turn it into a $100 million-a-year powerhouse? Donald Trump and Zanker explain.
The Curious Case of James Wolfe Continues…: CTH
Old Prosecutors Speaking Frankly: Clarice Feldman
Wolfe’s Indictment, Media Leaks & the Page FISA Application: Jeff Carlson

Jim Jordan: Congress needs to do what it promised, like POTUS!: Phil Shiver
Why Conservatives Should Vote Like A Blue Wave Is Inevitable In 2018: Rich Logis
Bannon: 2018 elections are Trump’s first reelection campaign: TheHill

Dershowitz: Even if Cohen’s Claims Are True, ‘It’s Not a Crime’: Ian Hanchett
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Flaky Future of the Democratic Party: David Rutz
Malkin: ‘Democratic Party Slogan Sounds Like It’s Ripped Off From Venezuela’: Grabien

The Nation Sheds Light on the Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative: Stuart Schneiderman
Senate plows ahead on nominations and more: Susan Ferrechio
A tale of two campaigns: Midterm elections 100 days out: David M. Drucker


Limbaugh: ‘There Is Nothing Accidental’ in Trump’s Policies: Grabien
Watch until you puke... really: C&S
Inside Google’s Shadow Workforce: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

A Direct Line from Obama, Holder, Rice, Lerner, and Clinton to FBI Scandals: Mark Tapscott
'Trump-Russia Collusion' a Scheme to Clear Hillary, Undo Election: Robert Kraychik
Sharyl Attkisson: I'm Not the Only Reporter the Obama Administration Surveilled: Debra Heine

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Book-Sized Solar Panels Could Power a Whole Home in New Breakthrough: GNN
Pics: Devastation caused by the Carr Fire, which is now larger than Salt Lake City: DailyMail
Deadly Northern California wildfire 'taking down everything in its path,' spawning 'firenadoes': ABC


Mark Levin: Interrupt Obama and reporters are racist; interrupt Trump and they’re heroes: Paul Bedard
Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Stumped on How Democratic Socialism Would Be Funded: FNI
On Becoming Conservative: I Got So Sick of the Lies They Were Telling Black People: Grabien

Legendary Israeli spy Gabriel Allon must find a beautiful English girl who could literally take down a government.


Islamic State Shrinks Again: BattleSwarm
Report: 300,000 illegal migrants are living in one French suburb: DailyMail
'Allah ou Akbar' Graffiti Found in French Church Partially Set On Fire: Breitbart

Bummer: UN warns it is 'running out of cash' in urgent appeal to members: Fox
How a country commits suicide: Stu Tarlowe
Allahu akbar! 2 PFLP terrorists blow themselves up to bits: Elder of ZIyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What Does Google Know About You: A Complete Guide: John Mason
This orange, squishy body armor material could save lives: Allison Barrie
It’s time to confront Amazon’s secret monopolies: Mike Mallazzo


Some More Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun: Woodsterman
Gary Larson Lives!: C&S
Priorities: MOTUS

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