Saturday, July 21, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Report: Lisa Page under oath said there was no basis for Mueller's appointment

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Under oath, Lisa Page said there was no basis for Mueller's appointment: Thomas Lifson
Hating Lincoln... and Trump: Robert Spencer
Noncitizen illegal vote number higher than estimated: Times

Who is Betraying America?: Caroline Glick
Trump, Russia, and Manufactured Hysteria: Bill Kilgore
WaPo Basically Admits That Mexico Is A S***Hole Country: Jazz Shaw

Terror Plot Foiled: Authorities Bust Plan to KILL 10,000 in California: Vlad Tepes
Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller: TMZ
LGBTQ Totalitarianism: Destruction of St. Patrick's Day Parade: Amy Contrada

Trump blasts former attorney Cohen for secretly recording conversations: Katie Leach
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Missouri Visit Poses Obstacle for Claire McCaskill: Brent Scher
FBI Director Christopher Wray Outlines China is Biggest Intelligence Threat: CTH


President Trump Pledge To America’s Workers…: CTH

Scandal Central

Brennan and the 2016 Spy Scandal: Kimberley A. Strassel
Strzok Statements About Weiner/Abedin Laptop Conflict With DOJ Inspector General: CTH
The Constitutional Crisis of Rejecting Election Losses: Rich Logis


Extensive CNBC Interview With President Trump That Destroys Media Narrative…: CTH
Senator Rand Paul Discusses Comrade Trump Derangement Syndrome…: CTH
Trump blasts NFL millionaire ingrates, again: Caitlin Yilek

Benghazi Survivor Scorches Hillary After She Attacks Trump For Not ‘Defending’ US Ambassadors: DC
Disney Fires 'Guardians' Director James Gunn Over Disturbing Pedophilia Tweets: John Nolte
Slate's Jamelle Bouie: Reporters on Mission to 'Fracture Donald Trump’s Base': Joshua Caplan


Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About Migrants: FPM
Austrian state may require Jews to register to buy kosher meat: Haaretz
Trump: I Could Be Putin’s ‘Worst Enemy’ if Relationship Doesn’t Work Out: David Rutz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Fourth World, Visualized: How Much
Facebook Restores Coinbase Crypto Ads, No Intent to Block Legitimate Companies: Nick Chong
Copyright Troll Law Firm Broke Copyright Law, Disciplinary Board Finds: TorrentFreak


Good Populism and the historic importance of the middle class: Maggie's Farm
Self Control: The Overlooked Key to Wealth and Health: Rosalinda Rosales
Grab a Cup of Covfefe and Tweet Like Your Favorite Person: MOTUS

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