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THE JIM JORDAN HIT JOB IMPLODES: Ohio State Held Hearing on Reputed Sex Abuser in... 1997

By @Brenda06135

I did some research on the story alleging that our warrior patriot, Rep. Jim Jordan was aware that his wrestling team members were being molested and did nothing about it. I'll share that now.

1. You must admit that the timing of this breaking news defies credulity.

2. Jim Jordan has made things a little uncomfortable for our DAG and I can't help but wonder if this 'investigation' into allegations involving a sports team doctor who died 13 years ago could be on the order of a little 'tit for tat.'

3. I wondered how it was possible to investigate the actions of a dead man until I read that Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said his next step would be to determine if there was criminal obstruction —if the alleged misconduct was properly reported and then ignored.

4. Now I get it. They don't need the dead doctor's testimony. They don't even need to prove he molested anyone. This is an investigation solely to determine if Jim Jordan received reports of alleged sexual misconduct by the team doctor and ignored them.

5. Before I get into information that I gathered about the specific allegations I want to share an interesting revelation that I don't think the media has given adequate attention to.

6. The university originally said Bricker & Eckler LLP would be in charge of the investigation, but “a legal conflict precluded its involvement.”

Porter Wright was appointed by the Ohio attorney general’s office as legal counsel in the Strauss matter for Ohio State.

7. Wait for it... Porter Wright engaged Perkins Coie to conduct an independent investigation. So far, Perkins Coie has interviewed more than 150 former students and witnesses. What a coincidence!

8. Perkins Coie just happens to be a significant party in the fractious investigation of the origins of the Trump Dossier currently being conducted by Jim Jordan's congressional committee and Mr. Jordan is a key figure in the committees push to obtain full DOJ/FBI disclosure.

9. Could that possibly be viewed as a conflict of interest? OSU reports that the investigation has no timeline. Theoretically Rep. Jordan could be distracted and bogged down with it until after the mid-term elections and beyond. Is that the intent? It bears consideration.

10. There's something else potentially significant that the media hasn't paid particular attention to. The Lantern, OSU's student news paper reported that an athlete said he was sexually assaulted twice by Strauss during physical examinations during the fall of 1994 and 1995.

11. The athlete, who wants to remain anonymous, said that in the spring of 1997, he was approached by a coach to testify in a hearing against Strauss. Despite not participating, he said he knew of at least three former athletes that attended a hearing. That is VERY significant.

12. The Lantern reached out to the university for comment on the alleged hearing, but it was unable to verify at this time whether it took place and told investigators about the athlete’s recollection of the hearing. Did it take place? If so, what happened?

13. The Lantern article: "Former Ohio State athlete says he was sexually assaulted twice by former team doctor Richard Strauss - A former Ohio State varsity athlete said he was sexually assaulted twice by Richard Strauss during physical examinations in the fall of 1994 and 1995, and believes he’s not the only one. The …

14. You'd never guess what triggered the investigation. OSU said it began the investigative process in late March after a former student -- DiSabato told CNN he talked with university officials that month -- reporting allegations of sexual misconduct.

Ohio State investigates athletes' reports of sexual misconduct by former doctor

A man who wrestled for Ohio State University about 30 years ago says university officials, including an assistant coach who is now a US congressman, knew about allegations of sexual abuse by a doctor…

15. Coincidence? Maybe. But what are the odds that an OSU wrestler just, out of the blue, decided to contact 'CNN', of all possible media outlets, to divulge that he had talked to his alma mater about sexual assaults that occurred 30 years before involving Jim Jordan?

16. The man who triggered the investigation by contacting CNN (who I assume contacted the university about his allegations) is named Mike DiSabato. He's been making the interview rounds. The details change ever so slightly with each different interview.

17. If CNN had been trying they could not have found a witness of more dubious character than Mr. DiSabato. He has a long, colorful history of failed business ventures, lawsuits as defendant and plaintiff which he usually lost; and, an arrest for telecommunications threats.

18. Mr. DiSabato even shiested the widow of an Iraq war veteran who had wrestled with him. He approached her after her husband's death to set up a memorial fund in his honor. She ended having to file a cease and desist order. Mrs. Mendoza agreed to allow him to user her

19. husband's name to raise money to help Ohio-based athletes, Olympic hopefuls and the families of fallen soldiers. Instead DiSabato used the funds to finance a mixed martial arts venture he had founded. Mendoza also later found that DiSabato failed to register the charity

20. with Ohio’s secretary of state. When she asked for fundraising records he refused. “As a military widow, I was bullied by a vindictive and manipulative Mike DiSabato,” Mendoza told TheDCNF, adding that DiSabato’s behavior toward her could best be described as “predatory.”

21. Mrs. Mendoza says she believes that DiSabato has “highjacked” Jordan’s political position to settle personal and professional vendettas against OSU.

Jim Jordan’s Accusers Have A Sketchy History, Raising Questions About Their ‘Authenticity’: Jordan is accused of ignoring sexual abuse as wrestling coach.

22. His business, Silver Knight, is in receivership and owes $5.3 million to the company, Globex. DiSabato agreed to get license agreements in Globex’s name, the company said in its lawsuit. Instead, DiSabato used Globex’s money to get those agreements in Silver Knight’s name.

23. The receiver company that now possesses Silver Knight’s OSU merchandise is looking at options to sell the remaining inventory at the best price, Lynch said.

24. DiSabato has money problems in Columbus, too. He was ordered in Franklin County Common Pleas court last month to pay Huntington National Bank nearly $1 million for defaulting on a loan toward his latest business, MMA Authentics. The bank is owed $960,730.04.

25. Mr. DiSabato's trials and tribulations:…

26. It wouldn't be a far stretch of the imagination to ponder the possibility that Mr. DiSabato might be a highly motivated 'whistleblower' who saw an easy way out of some of his financial woes. Seizing such an opportunity would not challenge his sordid character.

27. Against the backdrop of his past demonstrations of character and integrity, or lack thereof, consider that Mr. DiSabato alleges that he was molested several times by the now deceased Dr. Richard Strauss and that he told Jim Jordan during his thesis dissertation in 1994.

28. He said he was molested over the course of 8 years. Someone must have reminded him that he only wrested between 1987 and 1991 because he added later his first encounter with Dr. Strauss was when he was 14 years old and he participated as a subject in a research project

29. studying the bodyfat of high school wrestlers. Anybody smell a rat? He was molested at the age of 14, went back under the doctor's care as a young man, allowed himself to be molested at every physical exam for 4 years, but didn't report it until he left wrestling in 1994.

30. Let me clarify that the molestation took the form of alleged inappropriate touching. Mr. DiSabato was quite dramatic in his assertions that Jim Jordan knew and that his denial was dishonest.

31. A video created by DiSabato and other former athletes described the abuse by Strauss and conditions in the locker rooms and athletic facilities during his tenure.

32. For example, Russ Hellickson, Buckeye wrestling coach from 1986 to 2006, said that Strauss was always “too hands-on” with athletes, and that the physician took long showers in the same area as the wrestlers.

33. Hellickson said he caught people having sex or masturbating in the wrestling team areas and surrounding facilities. He said the misconduct created a problem for his wrestlers, affecting their mental states.

34. “All of my administrators recognized that it was an issue for me,” Hellickson said. “I’m sure that I talked to all of them on numerous occasions about my discontent with the environment.”

35. Ohio State spokesman Chris Davey said when the university received the video last week, “it was immediately provided to the independent investigators."

Lawyers for Ohio State contradict Jim Jordan's claim he's not been contacted: Congressman Jim Jordan denied hearing about Dr. Richard Strauss' alleged sexual abuse while Jordan was assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

36. Mr. Hellickson made a statement through Rep. Jordan's congressional office that that neither he nor Jordan ignored sexual abuse of OSU wrestlers.

37. He further stated that “Neither Jim nor I would sidestep or avoid challenges for our wrestlers just because the circumstances were painful or uncomfortable — in fact, those are the kind of circumstances that motivated Jim the most,” reads the statement.

38. “At no time while Jim Jordan was a coach with me at Ohio State did either of us ignore abuse of our wrestlers. That is not the kind of man Jim is, and it is not the kind of coach that I was,” said Hellickson, who called Jordan “the most honorable man I have ever known.”

39. Jim Jordan’s Accusers Have A Sketchy History, Raising Questions About Their ‘Authenticity’... Jordan is accused of ignoring sexual abuse as wrestling coach

39. That brings us to the 2nd accuser, Dunyasha Yetts. Not surprisingly to me, his character is not more sterling than Mike DiSabata's. He served prison time for a $1.8 million fraud scheme. He convinced an NFL star to invest his signing bonus in his firm, World Wide Sports.

40. Yetts provided Winfield with false documents claiming to show his investments. Yetts was instead spending the money on country club memberships, cars, student loans, and credit card payments.

41. Yetts filed a lawsuit in May against U.S. Well Service, a fracking company, claiming that he faced discrimination and sexual harassment. Yetts claims that one of his supervisors at the company made sexual remarks toward him and sent him sexually suggestive text messages.

42. Yetts was only on the OSU wrestling team for 1 year from 1993-1994. He told NBC he and his teammates talked multiple times to Jordan about Strauss’ behavior: "Rep. Jim Jordan accused by former wrestlers of knowing about Strauss’ alleged assaults - Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican congressman from Ohio’s fourth congressional district and former assistant coach for the Ohio State wrestling team, has been accused of knowing about the sexual assaults…

43. Mike Weaver, an OSU crisis communications expert who has also prosecuted sex offenders said. . “One of the challenges in a case like this for investigators is trying to find out what happened so many years ago,”

44. “Records are properly destroyed pursuant to record retention schedules so they’re not available. Memories fade. And in this case, the person being accused is not around to give his perspective. That makes investigating these sort of allegations very difficult.”

45. I venture to say it's almost too convenient that the accused has been dead for 13 years and the university doesn't seem to be able to locate any records about what might have occurred during the time period.

OSU investigating deceased doctor for sexual misconduct: OSU trying to determine if Richard Strause acted inappropriately with student-athletes who were in his care.

46. In closing, Perkins Coie opened the investigation with an assertion that they had contacted Rep Jim Jordan via email asking him to participate in an interview and he did not reply. They challenged his response that he had not received the email.

47. Perkins Coie subsequently had to correct their allegation that Rep Jordan had received the email when they realized that they had sent it to an out of date email address: "Lawyers for Ohio State contradict Jim Jordan's claim he's not been contacted: Congressman Jim Jordan denied hearing about Dr. Richard Strauss' alleged sexual abuse while Jordan was assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University."

48. I don't see how Perkins Coie can make a case that these shady former athletes, both with sketchy characters told Jim Jordan they were molested and nothing was done. There is evidence of a hearing held in 1997.

49. The coach states that he was aware of widespread sexual misconduct, not just on the part of the accused Dr., and that he had informed administrators. He further said Jim Jordan would not have failed to act on allegations of abuse. So now what? They drag it out for optics.

Thanks to every one of you for your appreciation and thanks. We all have the facts and know that Rep. Jordan is not guilty of this allegation. Our combined voices will shape the narrative if we're loud and ward them off at every turn when they try to spin this BS. WWG1WGA.

Read more at @Brenda06135.


Anonymous said...

Perkins Coie has a shady client list as well. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say a couple former wrestlers are somewhat richer recently.

Cargocult said...
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Cargocult said...

Gotta love the ineptitude of the deep state. They all attended the Wil E. Coyote ACME School of Political Hit Jobs - all of these fake news attacks fall apart and blow up in their faces.

We're overdue these bad actors (and the yellow press that fan the fake flames) facing a little accountability. For instance - how about no sucking at the tax payer teat for Perkins Coie while the people audit their billing practices; how about fines for outlets no that repeat hit job lies?

Whoopie said...

If I were a SJW I'd have to denounce both DiSabato and Yetts as homophobes.