Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: FISA Applications Confirm: The FBI Relied on the Unverified Steele Dossier

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This is the controversial bestseller by Judge Jeanine that set off a firestorm on The View!
FISA Applications Confirm: FBI Relied on Bogus Steele Dossier: Andrew C. McCarthy
The Withered Branches on Mueller’s Poisoned Tree: George Neumayr
Is Carter Page Really a Russian Agent?: Brian C. Joondeph

U.S. appeals court upholds right to carry gun in public: Reuters
Remember when Justice Kennedy freed thousands of California state criminals?: HuffPo
Dozens of sex offenders granted pardons by Gov. Cuomo so they can vote: NYDN

Warren: ‘I am a Capitalist, Come On!’: David Rutz
Holder: I’m Seriously Thinking About Running for President in 2020: Andrew Kugle
The Socialist Surge That’s Not Coming: William Murchison

Paul: We Shouldn‘t Reveal Secrets to People Who Call President ‘Treasonous‘: Trent Baker
Dem: Congress should retaliate if Trump takes clearances from Obama leak corps: Exam
San Francisco: A Literal Sh**hole: BattleSwarm


Trump On Tariffs: @TheMarketsWork
Let's talk migrants, though I must warn than few will like all I have to say: @Debradelai
Republicans pan Trump's $12 billion trade bailout: Exam

Scandal Central

Corrupt Richard Burr Defends FISA Application, Tryies to Hide Involvement in FISA “Spygate”: CTH
Yes, @Comey, Hillary Should Have Been Prosecuted: David French
Five More Arrests in NXIVM Sex-Cult and Human-Trafficking Investigation…: CTH

Uh Oh: Fusion GPS doubted dossier source who made claims about Trump and Carter Page: Chuck Ross
Surprise: "Abolish ICE" Encampment Enforces Its Borders and Its Own Rules Within Those Borders: Ace
Clapper throws Obama under the bus again. Open war between the traitors. 👇: REX

Climate, Energy & Regulations

EPA May Terminate California's Very Special Right to Impose More Stringent Pollution-Control Measures: Ace


Legendary Israeli spy Gabriel Allon must find a beautiful English girl who could literally take down a government.
CNN obtains Trump-Cohen tape discussing Playboy payoff: Katelyn Carall
Verge says CRTV’s Ocasio-Cortez video ‘bad satire and ‘fake news”: Twitchy
Burr breaks with Nunes: 'Sound reasons' for judges to approve FISA warrant: CNN

"Fusion Ken" Dilanian on Yanking Clapper, Brennan et al's Security Clearances: Ace
Thomas Friedman Projects a Lot: Grouchy
News Layoffs Send DeadSpin Reeling: ‘How Is This Sh*t Legal’: Julia A. Seymour

Devin Nunes: ‘Members of the Press’ Work for the Democratic Party: Hannity
Democrats... if you're disillusioned with your party.... you're not alone!: Sophia Helwani
Study shows 22 per cent of US citizens do not speak English at home: DailyMail


No president has been tougher on Russia than Trump: Steven Rogers
Why Trump's willingness to listen to Iranians is nightmare for the regime: Heshmat Alavi
Iran Responds to Trump’s Tweet: ‘Be Cautious!’: Jack Heretik

Trump Told, Didn't Ask, North Korea That a Plane Would Come to Take Otto Home: Ace
Congress blocks F-35 fighter shipments to Turkey: Carlo Muñoz
Toronto shooter “known to police,” had expressed “support” for pro-ISIS website: JihadWatch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

"If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel Wide": Josh Worth
A highly detailed hill-shaded relief map of the continent of North America: Reddit
Ultrasound Waves Applied to Brain Could Be a Treatment for Dementia—Free of Side Effects: GNN


Joyful: 94-Year-Old Veteran Steals The Show During President Trump VFW Convention Speech: CTH
I Have a Very Complicated Benefits Question: Grouchy
One photo from Israel the liberal media don't want you to see: Ed Straker

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