Friday, July 06, 2018

THE DAM IS BREAKING: New, Stunning Peter Strzok and James Comey Revelations From @PaulSperry_

Paul Sperry is crushing it, revealing new information about full-time political operative and part-time FBI agent Peter Strzok. Oh, with some bonus intel regarding the lying leaker J.C.

Sperry is a must-follow.

And many of these new revelations have been added to the Timeline of Treason, a chronological database chronicling #Spygate, the greatest political scandal in American history.


commoncents said...

#WalkAway - Brandon Straka, "Why I left the Democratic Party"

torquemueller isthecreep said...

The TorqueMueller Inquisition will go on as long as we pay for it.Congress holds the purse strings.TorqueMueller and his gang of merry inquisitors won't work for free.They'll sue for their funding.Federal cases can go on for a long time.Eight years ought to be long enough.

Stop the Game Already said...

Cutting off the money to the witch hunt will cut off its air supply and strangle it to death.