Sunday, July 22, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: A Review of the DOJ/FBI FISA Application Release

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A Review of the DOJ/FBI FISA Application Release: CTH
One FISA Passage at Heart of Mueller’s Collusion Case Against Trump?: Mark Tapscott
DoJ FISA Docs Strongly Suggest a Corrupt and Dishonest FBI: S. Noble

A Garden of Idiots: The Z Man
President Trump Waives Attorney-Client Privilege for Cohen Tape: S. Noble
Former ICE Chief: We've Arrested More Than 2,000 Sexual Predators: Timothy Meads

The War Against Brett Kavanaugh Is Over: Stuart Schneiderman
The Manipulative Nature of Trump’s Critics: Christopher Roach
SCOTUS is too powerful. How can we change that?: C Liberty C

Why is Mueller handing off key cases?: Byron York
I'm sure a new slew of FBI people quit the other day for no particular reason: Stealth Jeff
Muslim-clad thieves rob banks in New York and Ohio: Creeping

Scandal Central

James Clapper’s Uncomfortable Relationship with Honesty: Jeff Carlson
Ugly breakup at FBI: Lisa Page throws ex-lover, Peter Strzok, under the bus: The Duran
Inspector General: Obama Paid $300 Million To ‘People Who Don’t Exist’: Baxter Dmitry

Climate, Energy & Regulations

EPA’s acting head is as much a foe of Obama’s regulations as Pruitt was: Leslie Eastman


Perspective: The Media are Just as Complicit In The DOJ Corruption and FISA Abuse: CTH
Culture War: Stealth Jeff
The first meeting of the Committee to Investigate the Committee to Investigate Russia: The_War_Economy

NYT asks how dare the National Enquirer act like us?: Don Surber
At Helsinki, Trump Undermined Our Power-Abusing Intelligence Agencies, Not America: Willis L. Krumholz
Judge Jeanine Pirro Thanks Whoopi Goldberg For Making Her Book Number One on Amazon: Mediaite


Trump’s Actions Against Russia: Nick Short
Mossad said to have thwarted Iranian plot to bomb opposition rally in France: TOI
Facing protests at home, Iran supports terror abroad: Joseph Hammond

Trump won big at Helsinki: Caroline Glick
Why Did English Become the International Language?: Target Liberty
Why Is This Not Treason?: GoV (2011)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook As The Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool?: Forbes
Cassini mosaics reveal clearest views of Titan: DailyMail
Ecuador Will Hand Over Julian Assange to the UK. What Comes Next?: Intercept


Chill: It’s Not Time To Get All Wee-weed Up Yet: MOTUS
Tutorial: Become a Millennial Moonbat in 5 Minutes: Moonbattery
Guy Destroys His Truck With Tanks: BattleSwarm

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Anonymous said...

You know the media is in the tank with the Deep State when they post favorable but unrealistic pictures of people. They've majored on Strzok's incomplete patch of hair implants to cover his grotesquely bald head, shown us Hillary's moo moo as though that is normal, made Lisa Page look pretty hot when she's really not, and shown us images from the Left's play book of Trumps's cut throat and severed head. The list is long, they think they're good at crafting the narrative.

Anonymous said...

and Obama has self identified himself as a Kenyan American President (@5:49).
All this is about as in-your-face as it gets.