Monday, July 23, 2018

#SHUTITDOWN: Proven Lies to the ​FISA Court Should Immediately End Mueller's Investigation

By Ben Armstrong

We now know for a fact that the FISA court was illegally deceived by the Obama Administration. The fake Russian dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign, was used to get warrants in order to spy on Donald Trump's campaign.

The Trump Russian collusion story was a hoax created by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The Obama Administration used that hoax in order to illegally spy on its political enemies.

I would say that is the biggest scandal in American history, but I believe the Uranium One scandal will prove even bigger than this.

How can Robert Mueller continue his investigation when it started with this massive spate of illegal activity and lies? Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Obama Administration all committed crimes against Donald Trump's Campaign, and yet, Robert Mueller is somehow investigating Donald Trump?

If this investigation does not immediately end, then Robert Mueller is colluding with the Russians to try to bring down an American president. Robert Mueller is committing a treasonous act against his country if he does not end his investigation immediately.

We know for a fact that the Russians gave Hillary Clinton fake information.

We know for a fact that the Obama Administration used that fake information to spy on the Trump campaign.

We know for a fact that there is zero evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians in any criminal way.

We know for a fact that the Comey FBI illegally deceived the FISA court in order to achieve this illegal spying.

We know for a fact that the Obama Administration illegally unmasked American citizens, including General Flynn.

We know for a fact that the judge from General Flynn’s case had to recuse himself. This judge was, and is, a FISA court judge.

We know for a fact that a crooked FBI agent was on Robert Mueller's team. An FBI agent who leaked information and was openly anti-Trump. We now know that Mueller apparently had no interest in determining what that agent had done or whether his investigation was irredeemably tainted.

We know for a fact that the Department of Justice's fourth highest ranking official Bruce Ohr, had a massive conflict of interest and did not reveal it. His wife worked for the company that created the fake Russian dossier for Hillary Clinton, known as Fusion GPS.

How can Robert Mueller's investigation continue when the entire premise of Russian collusion has been proven to be a hoax?

How can Robert Mueller's investigation continue when he knows for a fact that this was a frame job by Hillary’s Campaign and the Obama Administration?

Robert Mueller is 100% aware that fake information from the Russians started this whole fraudulent investigation. Robert Mueller is 100% aware he is investigating the president over fake Russian information and is refusing to end his investigation.

Robert Mueller is not a man of integrity, he is another stain on the Justice Department.

Robert Mueller is committing fraud against the American taxpayer and enriching himself, along with his friends, with our money. He is trying to extend a fake investigation so he can collect a massive pay check!

We the American people demand that Robert Mueller immediately end his investigation or be brought up on criminal charges for colluding with the Russians in order to damage an American president.



Anonymous said...

Good post and I appreciate the list of facts. I agree with all of it that except the implication and finger pointing at "the Russians." The cold war is over. We are now in the cyber minefield. The Paki's working for Hillary and the DNC did more real damage. They penetrated the top management of the DNC, and they got off free and are out of the country.

GaryB said...

Fruit of the poisonous tree...

Doom said...

If we had a functioning government, Mueller would at least be dishonorably retired, with prejudice. As is, far too much of the brown-out bureaucracy remains in power. How to remove the parasites, even enough of them, to save the patient? We are in a civil war.

Unknown said...

Why hasn't the FISA court had anything to say about being lied to and allowing this to take place..
Maybe they are part of the whole scam, as I'd be bitching how I we were made to look like fools, and lost some Credibility.
People know the names of these judges..Corrup Corr at the highest level wouldn't surprise me that.