Tuesday, July 10, 2018

One Picture Shows Why Democrats Who are Protesting Trump’s SCOTUS Pick are Unprincipled Losers

For you liberals and other miscreants, does this help?

Trump could have nominated a reincarnated Earl Warren and he'd face opposition from the goose-stepping, far left, resistance-at-all-costs Democrats. #WalkAway.


KellyJ said...

But this is perfect. The Left will hold many protests and work themselves up into a frenzy. The Senate, hopefully, will fast track the confirmation hearings and hold the final vote in mid September and Justice K will be seated in time for the October session.
The Left will lose their minds and we get a nice pre-election meltdown just in time for the undecided middle to decide these losers are out of control and its time to make a real change.
Then we get the mid-term Blue Flush as Conservatives/Republicans (not always the same thing) make gains in both the House and Senate. And Reddenbockers stock goes through the roof as the popcorn flies off the shelf.

Mike aka Proof said...

Plus their "fill in the blank" press releases they gave out without filling in the candidates name were pretty funny, too.

CW said...

Plus,how fun will slaughter democrat families be? They r traitors (voting for jug ears should win you a razor across the windpipe) so all is good.