Monday, July 16, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Nearly All Clinton Emails Sent to ‘Foreign Hostile Power,’ FBI Did Nothing

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Nearly All Clinton Emails Sent to ‘Foreign Hostile Power,’ FBI Did Nothing: Petr Svab
Trump 2020, GOP groups raise $33 million in just 3 months, small donors rule: Paul Bedard
Report: Russia not attacking midterms on same scale as in 2016: Elizabeth Zwirz

Baltimore police 'stopped noticing crime' after Freddie Gray riots: Rick Moran
An illegal immigrant beheaded a 13 year old girl in Alabama. : Ashley Remkus
Sunday Talks: John Ratcliffe Discusses Strzok and Page Testimony: CTH

Democrats Have 12 Million More Registered Voters Than Republicans: S. Noble
American Jews and Democrats: Part I : RPJ
House Democrat: ‘China declared trade war,’ not Trump: Joel Gehrke

Hillary begins speech: ‘I’m so tired, I can barely stand’: Kyle Olson
Ouch: Nancy Pelosi Calls Potential Challenger Tim Ryan “Inconsequential”: RS
New SF Mayor: 'There's More Feces ... Than I've Ever Seen': TargetLiberty


Public-Employee Unions Maintain a Privileged Status: Larry Sand
Teachers sue to recoup union payments following Supreme Court ‘Janus’ ruling: CollegeFix
Union Skimming of Disability Funds Gains Focus of Trump Administration: Jack Davis

Scandal Central

Why didn't Obama crack down on Russian “influence” in US politics until after the 2016 election? : Techno Fog
The most interesting part of CNN's article about FBI employees dissatisfaction with leadership: Harold Finch
Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Chairman Devin Nunes: CTH

Insulation – Strzok’s Testimony & Mueller’s Indictment: Jeff Carlson
Peter Strzok’s arrogance is the product of a corrupt FBI: Michael Goodwin
Nunes: Mueller indictment looks 'ridiculous' because it omitted Republicans targeted by Russia: Daniel Chaitin

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Recycling: Another environmental scam goes bust: Colin Flaherty


Media’s Obsession With ‘Collusion’ Continues To Destroy Its Credibility: David Harsanyi
Jeffrey Toobin’s Supreme Court Tantrums Should Embarrass CNN: Warren Henry
New Yorker Column Summarizes the Left: Everything is Broken Because They’re Losing: Mike LaChance

When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal: SDA
Progressives Don’t Want Trump to Get Credit for the ‘Obama Economy’: David Rutz
It's Just My Opinion: Vulgar Curmudgeon


London Squalling: Jim Goad
Take Trump's advice, England: Don Surber
More rapes in Halifax by Muslim migrants, as rape culture invades our high-trust society: Ezra Levant

Will Trump and Putin Reach a Grand Bargain?: Stuart Schneiderman
Iran the likely loser when Trump and Putin meet: Times
Everything In the Middle East Is Blowing Up: BattleSwarm

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Jeff Bezos may soon be able to blast you into space for as little as $200K: Joe Tacopino
Twitter culls fake followers, Democrats hardest hit: Monica Showalter
State Department Gives Up Case Against 3D Printed Gun Pioneer: Stephen Gutowski


Want To Know What Is Really Going On?: Vulgar Curmudgeon
I Like Ike: MOTUS
‘See Ya Later, Suckas!’ The Obituary of a 5-Year-Old Boy in His Own Words: Christina Caron

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