Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The week the Democrats went clinically insane.

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The week the Democrats went clinically insane.: Dov Fischer
Flak and Countermeasures: NSA Purge; DOJ Removal; Senate Intel Committee Report: CTH
Another Rogue Judge Nullifies Parts of the Immigration and Nationality Act: Dan Cadman

When Will The Other Shoe Drop?: Thales
The Creep Of The Categories: Liberty's Torch
A Strange & Unsettling Day: Jeff Carlson

America Is Not the Common Property of All Mankind: Michael Anton
Soros Donates $250,000 More to Florida Gubernatorial Campaign: Cameron Cawthorne
Glencore = Marc Rich = Clintons: Hillary and Bill should be very nervous: Bloomberg

We Went to Families Belong Together Protest. Here Are 6 Things We Saw.: Signal
Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Even Gays: Karin McQuillan
Report: James Comey Ignored Possible Murders by Mexican Cartel Informant: Ildefonso Ortiz


How a Judicial Hack Halted Kentucky’s Medicaid Work Plan: David Catron
Dear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Venezuela Suffers Protests as Country Runs Out of Water: Ben Kew

Scandal Central

The Potomac Two-Step: Awan Allowed To Escape Charges That Would Implicate Congress: CTH
DOJ covers up possible spy ring scandal in Democratic congressional offices: Frank Miniter
Mueller’s Kafkaesque Probe: George Neumayr

Peter Strzok slapped with subpoena to testify in open setting before Congress: Kelly Cohen
Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses List of Officials For Questioning: CTH
New Details of Victoria Nuland’s Role in the Steele Dossier: Jeff Carlson


In 1984, the New York Times told us that Donald Trump would be our best president: Thomas Wictor
Yesterday Brian Ross, Today Ali Watkins: New York Times Moves “Reporter #2” out of DC: CTH
Walking With Jackals – Sarah Sanders Conducts Press Discussion: CTH

Less Than One-Third Of Democrats Are ‘Extremely Proud’ To Be Americans: Julie Cohen
Islamists Work To Disarm Free Men And Arm Themselves: Herschel Smith
Palestinians Beat Female Journalists; World "Sees No Evil": Bassam Tawil


Iran official: Obama secretly granted U.S. citizenship to 2,500 in the Iran deal: Jordan Schachtel
The ‘forces’ behind US and Israeli bills to withhold pay-to-slay terror financing: Alex Traiman
Downing Street 'bans Donald Trump from meeting Nigel Farage': Daily Mail

Iran protests raise hopes of regime collapse as sanctions set to go in effect: Ariel Ben Solomon
Christian Death Toll Rises to 200 in 4-Day Muslim ‘Killing Spree’ in Nigeria: Thomas D. Williams
Greek Island Community Warns Residents Angry Over Migration May Take Law 'Into Their Own Hands': Breitbart

Tommy Robinson: Prime Political Prisoner: Dymphna
Merkel Moderates Liberal Migrant Policy in Order to Save Her Control of Government: Conor Beck
Update Your Threat Matrix: WRSA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Walmart gearing up to launch own cashierless stores via secret “Project Kepler”: NewsTarget
India must blame itself, not WhatsApp, for its devastating lynching spree: TNW
Google doesn’t dispute claims that third-party developers may read your Gmail messages: Paul Sawers


The Eternal Meaning of Independence Day: Scott Johnson
The IG Report and Crimes Against Children: NeonNettle
Still the Best Fireworks Show of All Time: Jon Gabriel

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Anonymous said...

They weren't to worried about a trap when General Flynn was ambushed. At least Stroke() has advanced warning to prepare.