Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Two Faces of The Deep State and The People

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They should have read his book. Long before he was president, Donald Trump described his path to victory.
The Two Faces of The Deep State and The People: Vassar Bushmills
Rudy Giuliani Drops a MOAB on the Media: @TheLastRefuge2
Giuliani, 183 Recordings & the Media: Jeff Carlson

Mueller's midterm elections: Byron York
After '30 days of s--t,' GOP midterm elections fear rises: Byron York
TX GOP, Cruz Claim They’re Running Scared: Could O’Rourke Really Win?: Rod Kackley

Dems Expand Push to Blacklist Businesses Working on Border Wall: Susan Crabtree
Ginsburg: ‘I Have About at Least Five More Years’ on Supreme Court: Andrew Kugle
TN Democrat Party Spokesman: “F*ck Reaching Out To Trump Voters”: BattleSwarm

Trump open to government shutdown for 'great border security': Gabby Morrongiello
McConnell: Wall Must Wait — No Funding, Shutdown Before Midterms: Pam Key
Jordan rejects Ryan-McConnell plan to surrender before shutdown: Chris Pandolfo


The Hollowing-Out of the California Dream: Joel Kotkin
The rise of democratic socialism threatens the ‘blue wave’: Dr. Tom Borelli
‘Medicare for All’ Would Cost $32.6 Trillion Over 10 Years, Study Says: AP

Scandal Central

Whatever happened to the 'unmaskings' probe?: Sharyl Attkisson
Millennial Socialism: Stupid, Evil, or Both?: Kurt Schlichter
FISA documents reveal FBI collusion: Laura Hollis


Media Bias Against Conservatives Is Real, And Part Of The Reason No One Trusts The News Now: Evan Siegfried
After defending Daily Caller alum, reporters very upset to see Trump call on … the Daily Caller: Becket Adams
Comedy is Not Pretty: JOM

Facebook Stands to Lose Tens of BILLIONS in Dozens of Lawsuits: Paula Bolyard
Twitter Suspends Pro-Life Blogger for For ‘Hateful Conduct,” Allows Tweets Calling Her a “C—“: LifeNews
"My Little Pony" Animator sentenced to prison for thousands of child porn images and videos: Andrew Duffy

Leftist Racism In Action: Thomas Wictor
Levin highlights double standard on press crackdowns by Obama, Trump administrations: WorldTribune
So, NBC News’ Chuck Todd thinks The Daily Caller is a “troll farm”?: Twitchy


Trump says he's 'ready to meet' Iran leaders without preconditions: Steven Nelson
The Secret Reason Arabs Reject the Jewish Nation-State Law: Bassam Tawil
What Trade War: $800 Billion Buys a Lot of Made in America: Kevin Jackson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China Will Soon Be Able to Destroy Every Satellite in Space: Zachary Keck
Uber is killing off its self-driving truck division: TNW
Court RPA or get sidelined: Cliff Saran


Report: Marines lead all services in binge drinking, sex partners: Andrew Dyer
More Science Deniers: MOTUS
Kick'm While They're Down Boss: C&S

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