Monday, July 09, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: An Important Nunes Interview & 8 Highlighted Points

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An Important Nunes Interview & 8 Highlighted Points: Jeff Carlson
Devin Nunes calls for House probe of 42 Obama-era anti-Trump activists: Times
What the Left doesn’t want you to know about Jim Jordan’s accusers: Nate Madden

Property owners along border get notices from feds about 'tactical infrastructure': Times
This Obama era program had a success rate lower than the Maury show: Rising Serpent
Will #Resistance summer dampen the Democrats' big autumn?: Salena Zito

Durbin: Blocking SCOTUS pick trumps red-state Dems' reelection: Daniel Chaitin
Dems Shut Down Freeway to Protest Gangs Shooting Each Other: Daniel Greenfield
Members Of Socialist Ocasio-Cortez's Party Threaten McConnell: Ryan Saavedra

Wait–How Many Immigrants Are On Welfare Again?: Matt Vespa
GOP Candidate: ‘Outside of Western Civilization, There is Only Barbarism’: Ben Boychuk
Charge the Employers: Karl Denninger

American Jews - how can you justify more Islamic refugees?: RPJ
St Jude family, attacked after thanking Eric Trump for $16 mil in donations fights back: Tom Tillison
Mark Levin Offers Supreme Court Recommendations: Jeff Poor


What Could “Collapse” Look Like? Let’s Look at a Country Currently in Free Fall: FO
Castro, Chavez, and 'bad luck': Glenn Reynolds
Sour Pelosi: Strong job growth a 'raw deal' for American people: Mirror

Scandal Central

Details emerge on Justice Department meeting with reporters on Manafort: Josh Gerstein
Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Arranged Meeting With AP Reporters To Discuss Manafort Investigation: Chuck Ross
The secret story of how the Obama administration protected enemies in Afghanistan from prosecution: Josh Meyer

Mueller's team expected to present evidence connecting Trump's campaign to Paul Manafort's trial: Katie Leach
Robert Mueller's Beltway Coverup: Lee Smith (3/13/18)
FBI Vault, Part 23; pages 121-132 - Here are two pages of the letter, but read the whole thing: Katica


Rap Sheet: 202 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters: John Nolte
Epic – President Trump Tweets Election Night Video Mashup….: CTH
@BrigidWD writes a brilliant parody of an insane leftist blaming her own failings on Trump: Thomas Wictor


Haiti Erupts In Violence, US Youth Group Trapped on Island: Jack Davis
Haiti Gov't Suspends Fuel Price Hike After Unrest: Telesur
Nigel Farage Discusses Upcoming Visit to U.K. by President Trump: CTH

Iran Has Completely Stopped Harassing US Ships: Ryan Pickrell
Four Gruesome Stories This Week: Clarion
Large-Scale Riots Continue In France For 4th Night: Tyler Durden

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Stratospheric Life Is Teaching Us About the Possibility of Extreme Life on Other Worlds: Starre Vartan
Automatic Sunglasses, No Battery: Jenny List
Are New Mars Rocks Shielding Secrets about Alien Life 4 Billion Years Ago?: Samuel Bavor


So: The Democrats have decided that abolishing immigration laws is their key to victory: Thomas Wictor
What To Do While Waiting For Doomsday: MOTUS
Hackers Reportedly Stole 600 Gallons of Gas From Detroit Gas Station: AJ Dellinger

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