Friday, July 06, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Next American Revolution: #WalkAway

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The Next American Revolution: #WalkAway: David Catron
IG Follow Up: DOJ/FBI Investigation of Clinton Highlights Two Systems of Justice: CTH
Mark Levin: If stare decisis is paramount, put monkeys on the Supreme Court: Ed Straker

Do Not Look Away: Politicians, Pundits, Predators Showcase Democrat Ideology: CTH
Shrieking Monkeys: Reckonin'
Liberals Oppose (Insert Name Here) For The Supreme Court - Derek Hunter: Derek Hunter

If America Is So Bad, Why Do They Keep Coming Here?: Brendan Kirby
Feds Bust Mexican Cartel Ammo Smuggling Scheme in Texas: Breitbart
Surprise: Hispanics Turning to Trump, Rejecting Democrats: Ben Shapiro

Congolese Migrant Scales Statue of Liberty, Threatens to Push Cops off: S. Noble
Here’s What Happened the Last Time the Left Got Nasty: David Greenberg
African ‘Migrant’ With Long History Of Arrests Is ‘Statue Of Liberty Climber’: IACR


Inordinate Compassion is a Vice: The Orthosphere
Peter Navarro - How Trump Will Win Against China on Trade: CTH
From beef burgers to friendly strangers, Indian immigrants recall first days in US: Maria Thomas

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes refers Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal, others tied to Trump dossier for testimony: Daniel Chaitin
Capitol Police reviewing strange emails sent to Rep. Jim Jordan by ex-wrestler accuser: Fox
Scams are overwhelming the US asylum system: Post

IG Report: FBI, Secret Service Planned Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting: Peter D'Abrosca
The Rot at the Heart of DOJ’s Sweetheart Deal for Imran Awan: Mark Tapscott
Video: Crazed Anti-ICE Liberals Protest An ICE Raid On Child-Sex Traffickers: Jeff Dunetz

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA chief, Trump announces: Samuel Chamberlain
43 Obama Era EPA Scandals the Media Ignored: Grabien
Why EPA’s Scott Pruitt had to go (and what to expect from the EPA now): John Fund


Walk Away From Mendacity: The Orthosphere
Live Not By Lies: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Shunning and shaming in the age of Trump: Jonathan S. Tobin

Never Trumpers Are Jumping the Shark: Daniel Greenfield
Teenager Assaulted in San Antonio for Wearing MAGA Hat; Attacker Kino Jimenez: CTH
Trump: I would offer Warren $1M to prove her Native American heritage: TheHill


Did Obama Grant Residency To Sworn Enemies Of America?: Ari Lieberman
Number of Southwestern Border Crossers Drops in June: Charles Fain Lehman
Home Office Told to Keep Importing Refugees to Every UK Town: Virginia Hale

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Time To Make Facebook Pay For Its Lies: CHQ
Poachers Tried to Kill Rhinos in South African Reserve. Instead, a Pride of Lions Killed Them.: Jeanna Bryner
Rocket Report: Japanese rocket blows up, NASA chief ponders purpose of SLS: Eric Berger


An Old Pal Resurfaces: Thomas Wictor
Democrats’ Hispanic Panic Fizzles: BattleSwarm
#FLOTUSFriday – We Do Patriotism Right: MOTUS

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