Sunday, March 08, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The National Security Catastrophe That Is The Obama Administration

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The National Security Disaster That Is The Obama Administration: Wolf Howling
The Evil Party: Still Smarter than the Stupid Party: Leon Wolf
Obama to Ferguson: Accept the DOJ Findings – or Else: Keith Koffler

Guess who else was on Clinton’s private at-home server: Pamela Geller
Obama learned about Clinton emails by 'reading the newspaper': Exam
Obama: ‘We’re the Slaves Who Built the White House’: Daniel Halper

Hillary Exposed Her Emails To Spies... To Hide Them From You: TechDirt
Holder: I'm Prepared to Dismantle Ferguson Police Department: Nicole Sanders
GOP lawmaker reissues legislation to dissolve the ATF: Sam Rolley

Ted Cruz stands alone after the King Corn summit: Jazz Shaw
Maryland: Where the Democratic civil war may well begin: Noah Rothman
Cruz: Menendez probe politically motivated: Jonathan Easley


Free health care is killing the states: Don Surber
Juggling Economic Eggs: David Hunt
With skilled Americans out of work, why hire abroad?: Joe Guzzardi

Scandal Central

While Clinton Hid Emails, $6 Billion Went Missing in Her State Dept.: ActivistPost
Senator Menendez Should Face Justice Regardless of Motive: RS
Republicans Finally Caught Up With Red Statements on Gov’t Funding of La Raza and ACORN: Red Statements

Climate & Energy

Green Alarmism: American Digest


‘There Is No Spoon’: Radical Feminism and the Paranoid Matrix of Patriarchy: R.S. McCain
Why Clintons Beat the Press: James Joyner
Rick Wilson has some advice for the GOP on Hillary: This isn’t about you, so shut up: Noah Rothman

Sharia USA: Delaware Radio Host Fired for Islamist Comments : Pamela Geller
Farrakhan Tells Black Soldiers To Desert For The ‘Day Of Judgment’ For Whites: DC
Democrats Should Know Jim Crow, They Created Him: Jerome Hudson (2011)

A Question of Personality: Richard Fernandez
Overreaching in Plain English: Thomas Purcell
More Left-fascism: Undercover journalist who brought down ACORN accosted: ACC


Echoes of Churchill Pervade Netanyahu Speech: Belladonna Rogers
Which Leaker Is Worse, Petraeus or Snowden?: Debra Saunders
Boko Haram leader pledges allegiance to the Islamic State: Thomas Joscelyn

Two Brothers Charged In Murder Of Philly Cop…Do You See What I See?: WZ
Misunderstanderers of Islam kill five in Mali restaurant terror attack: Caleb Weiss
Dutch Muslim Students: ‘The Holocaust is All Bullcrap!’: Tatler

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Army Plans The War Helicopters Of Tomorrow: PopSci
Comcast Blocks HBO Go From Working On Playstation 4, Won't Coherently Explain Why: TechDirt
ROFL! Apple Pay Nailed: Market Ticker


Multiculturalism: We Wave the White (can I say that?) Flag: MOTUS
Capturing the Bridge at Remagen: American Digest
Atlanta-area garbage collector jailed for going to work too early: 7 Online

Image: Echoes of Churchill Pervade Netanyahu Speech
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QOTD: "Abu Bakr Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, has pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the emir of the Islamic State. Baghdadi’s organizations claims to rule large portions of Iraq and Syria as a “caliphate.” Shekau’s allegiance was made public in an eight and a half minute audio message released on Twitter. Shekau’s announcement, in Arabic, is accompanied by a simple screen shot showing a microphone and is subtitled in both English and French. An image from the message can be seen above.

Shekau addresses Baghdadi as Caliph Ibrahim, the name Baghdadi assumed after declaring last year that his organization was now a caliphate. “[W]e announce our allegiance to the Caliph of the Muslims…and will hear and obey in times of difficulty and prosperity, in hardship and ease, and to endure being discriminated against, and not to dispute about rule with those in power, except in case of evident infidelity regarding that which there is a proof from Allah,” Shekau says.

“We call on Muslims everywhere to pledge allegiance to the Caliph and support him, as obedience to Allah and as their application of the absent duty of the era,” Shekau adds. The emir of Boko Haram goes on to explain that he has pledged allegiance to Baghdadi “because there is no cure [for] the dissimilarity” in the Ummah [community of worldwide Muslims] “except the Caliphate.” He adds that should other Muslims pledge allegiance to Baghdadi it will only “enrage the enemy of Allah.”" --Thomas Joscelyn

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