Monday, March 02, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Planes If Israel Struck Iran

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Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Planes If Israel Struck Iran: Rip Curl
Administration Attacks on Bibi Spur Bipartisan Support for Israel: LI
Hezbollah Flag Raised at Anti-AIPAC protest: LI

Will Obama’s Iran Deal Be the Worst Deal Ever Made?: Roger L. Simon
Our Crucial Choice of the War on Terror: Sultan Knish
Why Does President So Oppose Netanyahu’s Speech?: Star Parker

Judge Rules Deported Illegal Aliens Can Return To The U.S.: DownTrend
Boehner repudiated by GOP: RS
It Begins: FNC' Wallace Begins “Tear Down This Walker Campaign”: Treehouse

My Candid Candidate Thoughts After CPAC: Erick Erickson
Jeb Bush Speech Prompts CPAC Walkout: Greg Campbell
DHS Funding Battle Reveals a Republican House Divided: Roll Call


Would every non-anti-Semitic donor to UCLA please watch this video?: Moe Lane
Black oppression being taught in Florida high school Earth science class: Allen West
Doom: Yeah, this isn't good: Ace

Scandal Central

Jane Harman: $500K Unreported Donation to Clintons 'Got Lost In System': MagNote
If President Obama Had His Way, The DC Opportunity Scholarship Fund Would Not Exist: Pocket
Democratic Party patriotism test: Don Surber


Obama Identifies With The 9/11 Killers: WZ
Revisiting Obama’s past: LI
Why Conservatives Will Miss Mr. Spock: Pedro Gonzales

Obama, Christianity and Scandal: RS
Danish Publisher: Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech in Europe and US - Podcast: Fed-Soc
StopRush now targeting Limbaugh’s STAFF: Media Equalizer


'Knives are out': Hawaii Dem faces backlash for taking on Obama over 'Islamist' extremism: Malia Zimmerman
Christianfrei: A Middle East free of Christians: DTG
Flashback: Samantha Power Suggests U.S. Invade Israel to Impose Peace: Rick Moran

ISIS Secretly Fed Murdered Son To Mother, With Rice And Tea: RWN
Feinstein: Netanyahu ‘Arrogant’ for Saying He Speaks for All Jews: Andrew Desiderio
'Jews using Holocaust to suck the blood of Germans,' Egypt TV host says: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NSA authorization to collect bulk phone data extended to June 1: CIO
Apple officially wants to be recognized as a car maker: Luke Dormehl
Hammerhead Drone Makes First Flight: PopSci


Missing Breitbart – Still: MOTUS
Global Warming Claims Another Victim: Springer
SNL Spoofs Teen Girls Joining ISIS: TR

Image: Netanyahu’s Visit Bringing Uninvited Problems for Jewish Democrats
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QOTD: "To the Democratic senators and congressmen and women not attending Netanyahu’s speech, in the famous words of George Orwell, you are “objectively pro-Fascist” (in this case pro-Islamofascist). To the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, you are racist with a capital-R if you do not attend. Netanyahu is no more coming here to “disrespect the president” than he is because Obama is part black. Netanyahu is coming here because he takes the words “never again” more seriously than any phrase imaginable. That is the primary job description for the prime minister of Israel." --Roger L. Simon

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Anonymous said...

The lying Obama Washington Republicans talk how bad Obama is, yet fund all the money he wants for the very things these kiss asss Congress people say they don't support
Time for a 3rd party in America that represents America .. not the Washington Republicans big money donors
No more votes for these Rinos