Monday, March 16, 2015

SECURITAY: Hillary's Super-Secret, Super-Secure Email Server Can Only Be Accessed with a... Web Browser

Crowd-sourcing at its finest.

Marc Perkel reveals that Hillary Clinton's personal email server has web access enabled, which means an intrepid password-guesser might be able to access all of the Pantsuit's yoga emails.

Although we don’t know what IP address Clinton’s real email is on. It’s interesting to note IP addresses in the DNS for the domain. Most host names like all map to some holding page of no importance. However that host maps to a different IP address, which is in a data center in the New York area, Interesting that her “home server” resolves to a data center. Seems worth investigating to me. resolves to the same IP address and also uses MxLogic.

So I thought, what if she has web mail? And sure enough – I GOT A LOGIN PROMPT! And I have verified by the SSL certificate that this is indeed the server – still online! Click here and type in

I already tried hillary2016 for the password and that didn’t work. But I’m looking at this and thinking WTF!

Is Hillary’s server secure? It get’s a B rating here. Only supports weak protocols...

Gee, no security risk here. No, nothing to see, just move along.

Hat tips: RF and BadBlue Tech News.


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What's the big deal? After all, as she let us know in her press conference last week, she's only interested in national security if and when it's "convenient" for her.