Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who is "The Great One"?

Mark Levin has the fastest growing talk show in the radio business. Put simply, if Air America had signed up a single Levin, they wouldn't have gone bankrupt. Instead they hired a series of intellectually bankrupt clowns who couldn't have a thoughtful debate if their livelihoods depended on it. Actually, their livelihoods did depend on it -- and they failed.

Who is Levin? He's a former Reagan administration Justice Department official; an expert on the Constitution and an accomplished author. I heard that his career started with some spurious calls to the Hannity show. He was so entertaining that he eventually got a one-hour local slot. Now he's syndicated with an audience approaching six million.

Best of all, Levin's podcasts are free.

For a Levin intro, check out this blog post, which was based upon Levin's January 6, 2009 broadcast.

Listen now. You won't be sorry.

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