Monday, February 16, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Hardly the best and the brightest

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Bedtime stories: American Digest
Obama doesn't fulfill MLK's dream: PJM (Hawkins)
Calvin Coolidge 2012: Charlie Foxtrot

Burris bombshell: Blago's family solicited him: Marathon
Cali Democrat's Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: Morrissey
Lawmakers call for Burris perjury investigation: Sun-Times

With stimulus like this, who needs malaise?: Flip
Cosmic rays, not CO2, responsible for warming: Haaretz
Specter's vote hurting him in PA: RasRep

Obama warned over welfare: Times (UK)
Open letter to a craven reporter in Iraq: Kesler
Obama: "Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk" (Video): Gateway

Obama delays signing 'urgent' stimulus for Chicago fun: AT (Lifson)
Stimulus bill broke 7 Obama campaign promises: S&L
Hardly the best and the brightest: Times (Hanson)

"The long": killing Taliban from a mile away: Daily Mail (UK)
President decides nice holiday weekend more important than saving world from certain financial meltdown: Ace
Obama's broken promises were entirely predictable: PJM (Guariglia)

Hamas hunts down suspected collaborators in Gaza (Graphic Violence Warning): LiveLeak
African Hizbullah: MESI
Losing our heads: on 'honor killings': Atlas

"Hard to find a hooker on Valentine's Day": Say Anything
Obama chose the wrong Geithner!: TAB
The No-Stats All-Star: Gray Lady

"They've totally betrayed the soul of the party to even mention this.": Paglia on "Fairless Doctrine"

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