Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three questions for the Obamatons

So the banks are going to get "stress tests", which will gauge their fitness for receiving money from taxpayers.

Question: When is the FBI going to stress-test members of Congress for their fitness to serve, like the odious Dodd, Frank, Rangel, Mollohan, Reid, Feinstein and the like?

President Obama has proposed a $634 billion universal health care program that many experts believe will cost more than a trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Question: Can even a single member of our beloved mainstream media ask President Obama how we can afford this program, when Medicare and Medicaid are already at least $36 trillion in the hole?

President Obama has pledged to cut a variety of needed weapons systems, claiming they are outdated. On the chopping block: the partially deployed Future Combat Systems (FCS) and the F-22, among other programs.

Question: How can anyone justify defense cuts while proposing a trillion dollar "Stimulus" and an additional 9,000 earmarks in a discretionary spending bill, which include the study of tattoo removal, protection of field mice, and mag-lev trains to nowhere? In fact, the New York Post posits that the budget will mean "about $70 billion less for defense next year".

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Any moonbats   liberals   progressives out there who want to try and answer one or more of these questions have an open forum here.

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