Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "Jumper cables for the economy"

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Our battered American: Hanson
Hey, lady, your $800,000 house is NOT my problem: Malkin
Obama Levitates: Kristol

Fair Tax: Jumper Cables for the Economy: BMW
James Madison: Stimulus Unconstitutional: CopDis
Lessons from Plato: Dogfight

A disconnect on a beheading: Riehl
FBI: MN man likely first US citizen suicide bomber: KSTP
The devil made me do it: Spectator (Flynn)

Dodd's cozy cottage deal in Ireland: Courant
Coulter: Mortgage plan sparks outrage: Breitbart TV
Silence of the Dems: Soccer Dad

Obama's auto team drives imports: DetNews
Stimulus Protest in Denver: Harbinger of Protests to Come: DBKP
Obama plans a billion dollars for Hamas in Gaza: Ha'aretz

This post brought to you by the Green movement: IowaHawk
"I apologize to the rest of the U.S. that we're even a part of this country": CCP
Media Malpractice: How Obama got Elected: New Film

Al Jazeera: the network that glorifies child killers: LGF
California's budget crisis solved with the stroke of a pen: NBF
Winners in life's lottery: Charlie Foxtrot

"Asses that desperately need whipping": Asmunch (via Bubba)
Jim Calhoun rips reporter a new one: JWF
Who got the most tweets on Oscar night?: NMS

St. Louis Tea Party: Friday Morning 2/27 11:00AM: BMW

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