Thursday, February 26, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "He just doesn't get it"

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Another $410 billion and 9,000 earmarks: Gateway
Words ‘ring hollow’ in Obama’s error filled speech: Red State
Times: He'll "redistribute wealth": TAB

The Obama budget's attack on the Second Amendment: JWF
Climate Czar Will Reign Like Caesar Of Old: IBD
2010 GOP ad preview: Patriot Room

Dow 6000: He just doesn't get it: Spectator
The Magic of Obanomics: STACLU
Obama's Straw Men: WSJ (Rove)

Paranoid Zeitgeist: Dr. Sanity
Nuclear Raid: Surber
Robert Byrd: Obama in power grab: Politico

New Republic's Peretz Baffled By Obama: Riehl
Temporary peace trumps freedom of speech: GOV
Eric Holder's Tragic Prison: AT (Kaitz)

The latest from Banker Guy: Hugh Hewitt
The Madoff Plan for Government Health Care: AT (O'Brien)
Illegals raid dismays Obama backers: Times

George Phillips fights for free speech: Mitchell Langbert
$1 Trillion "Downpayment" For Health Insurance: Legal Insurrection
Can Newspapers Survive?: RCP

Shocka : Negative Return-on-Investment for Plug-In Hybrids:Snapped Shot
Obama's cousin meets with crazed Iranian dictator: Big Feed
Carol Browner's Socialist Revolution Begins: SBVOR

Danier Leather Commercial: YouTube
Jurassic Web: Slate
What wealth redistribution looks like: TAB

"Terrorism": the word the new DHS Secretary dare not utter: AP
'Reagan-esque:' Obama Wins Over Skeptics with Optimism, Leadership on Banks: Yahoo!
The American Tea Party Happens Today!: Patriot Room

Photoshop credit Leo Alberti via Michelle Malkin

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