Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Transparency of a broken promise

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Paging Barack Obama: Riehl
The Audacity of Irony: Hanson
Ask an expert: does huge spending boost the Economy?: Ace

Obama wrong for America's Economy: Mac
It's more about showmanship than sunlight: York
Rahm and the tip of the ethics iceberg: Morris

Most hated Congress. Ever: Surber
Dems play word games to cover their behinds: GraniteGrok
Pics from Stimulus protest in Denver: Driscoll

Obama's permanent campaign: Corner (Holmes)
How about a fairness doctrine for Pelosi's House?: Dollard
Daily Scoreboard: Surber

Michael Graham's Jihad: Crittenden
Pelosi's on the move: Fausta
Saint Bill of the Immaculate Murder: BofB

Israel takes on Iran: Surber
Mark Levin praises MRC's fight against 'Fairness Doctrine': NewsBusters
Bill Press: Fairness Doctrine only way I'll make money: LGF

Sunset Before Signing: The Transparency of Another Obama Broken Promise: Flopping Aces
Silver bullet for toxic mortgages?: BizWk
Stock market retches in Obama's face: Langbert

'Some People Have Doubts–But Now They’re All Dead': Driscoll
With Apologies to Margaret Bourke-White: IowaHawk
Funding a Democrat economy: CurSkep

ZR1 Nurburgring Official 7:26.4 Record Corvette Run: YouTube
Wieners vie for attention: Margo's Maid
UAW continues to thwart auto deal: Prairie

"The power under the Constitution will only belong to the people" --George Washington, 1787

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