Monday, February 23, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Santelli's Rant Touched a Nerve

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Economic Insanity: AJ Strata
DeMint calls for protests in the street: Gateway
Is Obama America's worst president ever?: Flopping Aces

Banks over the cliff: Wizbang
Citigroup and BofA: Dead: Financial Ninja
Exactly who is getting bailed out?: AT

Obama calls in the cavalry: PJM (Lasky)
Readers know how: Surber
Santelli erupts on Kudlow Show: Gateway

Will Herb and Marion Sandler pay a price?: AT
Burris and the Silence of the Dems: Prairie
One Big Ass Mistake: S, C & A

Market knows best: Charlie Foxtrot
They were taken out and shot: Dinocrat
Obama's new budget deficit math: AT (Cary)

The Foreclosure Five: Riehl
Are foreclosure rates catastrophic and getting worse? No: TAB
Does AFL-CIO head understand the EFCA?: STACLU

Santelli's mortgage rant really touched a nerve: Trib
CAIR intervenes: Hijab-wearing Oklahoman gets driver’s license: Breitbart
Why the "Tea Party" movement will keep growing: Riehl

Obama's Chicago and the success of 'community organzing': AT (Cary)
The Opacity Program is Gaining Steam: Porcupine Rim
The Grinch Who Stole Hope: Commentary (Rubin)

The conspiracy to cut gasoline prices: TigerHawk
ABC's Terry Moran: For Obama, the Presidency a 'Step Down': NewsBusters (Whitlock)
Blame it on Gitmo: NRO (Miller)

Mobile device will be most popular link to Internet by 2020: Pew
Microsoft wants refunds from workers it laid off: CNet
Best Oscar Acceptance Speech Ever: TMZ

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