Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Hummerburgers... yum!

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Your stimulus dollars at work: Riehl
This Time It's Personal: NRO (Kahane)
Can Team Obama get a life?: Dr. Sanity

Maritime Monday: gCaptain
Hummerburgers... yum!: Fausta
Global Warming: Seriously Worse than Worse: AT (Anderson)

States challenging federal excesses: PFA
Another Democrat governor; another bankrupt state: Kansas
'Dear Mr. Obama, Please Make it Rain Candy!': JWF

Indonesians Protest "Terrorist" Hillary: Gateway
Man shall beat swords into plowshares: JO
Shocking Facts about Sea Level Rise: WCR

Nothing mobilizes conservatives like Fairness Doctrine: Provocateur
Return of the Hinchey-thing: LGF
Markos Moulitsas Can't Be Let Off Hook: Dave from Queens

The coming storm: Hanson
UNRWA story was a lie: Elder of Ziyon
The world must wake up: “Anti-Semitism now at Second World War high”: TTWL

Hillary blames DPRK on Bush; pitches Albright down memory hole: Gateway
Obama should stop sowing fear with Depression comparisons: WSJ (Schiller)
Least critical Stimulus projects: Stimulus Watch

We're All Fascists Now II: American Tyranny: PJM (Ledeen)
World War II-era photographs in color from Nazi Germany: Life
CPSIA kills libraries and charities: change!: Ace

Europe, Environmentalism and the Current Economic Crisis: A Contrarian View: Klaus:

The issue of Europe and of its future has stayed with me since the fall of communism in spite of other topical issues. It is not surprising. The undergoing weakening of democracy and of free markets on the European continent, connected with the European unification process, is a threatening phenomenon especially for someone who spent most of his life in a very authoritative and oppressive communist regime. I consider, therefore, the marching towards an ever-closer Europe (which is one of the crucial tenets of Europeism) a mistaken project. This ambition was the main building block of the European Constitution and it remains without substantial change in its new version, in the Lisbon Treaty.

The gradual shift from liberalizing and removing all kinds of barriers towards a massive introduction of regulation and harmonization from above, the ever-expanding, overgenerous welfare system, the innovative, and more sophisticated forms of protectionism, the continuously growing legal and regulatory burdens on business, the markets undermining quasicompetition policies, the Single Currency arrangements, are all very real. They weaken and restrain freedom, democracy and democratic accountability, not to speak about economic efficiency, entrepreneurship and competitiveness...

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