Friday, February 20, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Kiss of Death

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Breaking Murtha Scandal: Culture of Corruption: PolWire
Smelling a RAT: Morrissey
Peace Processing 101: NRO (May)

Kiss of death: LGF
Floor traders mock Obama's communism: 6MB
Obama's favorite solar panel maker: Malkin

Pay-per-view: Denny
Schoolhouse Rock: A bill becomes a law: Treacher
Stunning act of delayed retribution: Wheat & Weeds

Open letter to Gary Pruitt: McClatchy Watch
Deep Impact: The Federal Deficity: Chas
Deporting illegals: inherently wrong?: Patterico

Ah... smell the hope and change: Ace
Katrina Who?: Crittenden
Senator to force vote on Fairness Doctrine: B&M

Firms with Murtha ties got earmarks from nearly one-quarter of House: CQ
Drain the swamp? Pelosi hung out with the biggest sewer rat: Surber
An 'Impulsive' America? Too much dialogue and not enough leadership: Hanson

Top 10 reasons the President is nothing like Travis: Treacher
Congress drafts new SCHIMP legislation: McCarty
Military spending: more bang for the stimulus buck: Prairie

Change! shuns transparency, blocks Google: CNet
What is the best sounding production car?: Autospies
A boat ride with Special Forces: Prairie

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