Saturday, February 21, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Obama had a dream

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Voting with their wallets: Power Line
Dodd grabs 850K from TARP banks: Riehl
Flying Imams get slam-dunked by DOT: Eye

AQ suspect arrested in California: Jawa
White House lashes out at CNBC: Politico
Mommmmmmmmmy: Surber

Specter greeted with jeers in PA: Breitbart TV
Cowards or just trying not to get sued?: Corner
PuffHo gets pwnt by video fake: STACLU

Hillary's answering machine: Parkway
Blue Scrotum Monkey FAQ: IMAO
Did ChiSox discover the next Koufax?: Trib

UK students required to 'think like a suicide bomber': LGF
Obama administration heaps praise on Venezuelan "Democracy": Gateway
'Fiscal Responsibility Summit' targets your health care: Kesler

Freeman joins Obama Intel team (blames US-Israel ties for 9/11): Mere Rhetoric
Pharoahs build pyramids, but real jobs create wealth: Stossel
Iran's rocket technology more advanced than previously thought: Soccer Dad

Dennis Miller: I like Obama because he knows Biden's an idiot: Breitbart TV
1998 video: Obama's dream to repeal welfare reform: Breitbart TV
Sharpton's false outrage: all about the Benjamins: Big Hollywood

Rating the top 12 U.S. banks: from Hidden Gems to Zombies: Seeking Alpha
Markets have run out of patience... looking for a bottom: CNBC
Low-tech fixes for high-tech problems (like dropping your phone in a toilet): Slimes

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