Monday, February 16, 2009

Was Candidate Obama's "Civilian National Security Force" just established by Directive 1404.10?

A little-publicized Department of Defense Directive (Number 1404.10) establishes a "DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce" and rescinds a prior directive dealing with the emergency use of civilian personnel.

The new 1404.10 cancels the prior directive of the same designation ("Emergency-Essential (E-E) DoD U.S. Citizen Civilian Employees"), which was issued in 1992 under President Clinton. The 1992 directive specifically deals with overseas deployments of civilian personnel. It does not mention terms like "restoration of order" or "stability operations", prominently featured in the new directive.

In fact, those functions are central to the mission of President Obama's new DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce:

Members of the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce shall be organized, trained, cleared, equipped, and ready to deploy in support of combat operations by the military; contingencies; emergency operations; humanitarian missions; disaster relief; restoration of order; drug interdiction; and stability operations of the Department of Defense in accordance with DoDD 3000.05...

The 1992 directive mentions the term "overseas" no fewer than 33 times.

The 2009 directive does not mention the term "overseas" in the body of the directive even once.

Consider the nebulous terms used: "...contingencies, emergency operations... restoration of order... and stability operations."

Who will define "Contingencies"? "Restoration of order"? "Stability operations"?
* * *

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm not exactly a fan of wingnut conspiracy theories.

But could anyone tell me why the 1992 directive needed an update?

This new directive is odd, coming as it does after campaign promises by Obama to establish a paramilitary "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military. His words, not mine.

The Democrats' renewed push for the ill-named "Fairness Doctrine" is another harbinger of enhanced government control, far beyond what the Constitution authorized. And this directive appears to be of the same genre.

I'll leave the ramifications as an exercise for the reader.

Hat tip: Dr. Bob. Linked by: American Digest. Thanks!

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