Friday, December 08, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Christopher Wray Refuses to Say if Steele Dossier Used for FISA Warrant

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Christopher Wray Refuses to Say if Steele Dossier Used for FISA Warrant: Ace
Jordan Presses Wray to Release FISA Application for Trump Surveillance: Debra Heine
Dossier author was in contact with Obama Justice Department: Byron York

The Al Franken Decade Finally Ends: BattleSwarm
Franken’s Phony Finale: George Neumayr
Franken accused of groping journalist at Media Matters Obama inauguration party: Fox

House plots sexual harassment reforms after new accusations: Susan Ferrechio
Erik Prince Accuses Obama Officials of Illegal Spying: Bill Gertz
Why You Must Not Call Snowflakes Snowflakes: Dave Blount

President Trump’s Democratic Opponents Ranked: Matthew Continetti
On Concealed Carry Bill, Gun Grabbers Suddenly Support States' Rights: RWN
Time to Tear Down These Schools: Steven Greenhut


Trump Administration Is About To Gut Public Sector Labor Unions: RS
ADP Services Reports Largest Number of New Manufacturing Jobs in History: Jim Hoft
Fake Tax Reform: Peter Schiff

Scandal Central

Did A Corrupt FBI Give Hillary Clinton A Free Pass? Sure Looks Like It: IBD
DOJ Demotes Official Over Trump Dossier Contacts: Chuck Ross
Retiring Dem Gutierrez Paid Wife $430,000 From Campaign Funds: Joe Schoffstall

Climate, Energy & Regulations

More than 400 structures destroyed in 115,000-acre Ventura County wildfire: LAT
It’s Snowing In South Texas: You Know What That Means, Right?: William Teach
No, Bitcoin Won't Boil the Oceans: Elaine Ou


Juanita Broaddrick rips Time’s ‘silence breakers’ snub: ‘I didn’t fit in their liberal victim mold’: Times
Obama: I'm Not Saying Trump Is Hitler, But Have You Ever Seen Them in the Same Room Together?: Ace
Al-MSNBC Declares 3 Days of Rage: Andrew Kugle


Bring Me My Bow Of Burning Gold: BattleSwarm
Religious Freedom in the Muslim World: A Nuanced Appraisal: Daniel Philpott
The Middle East ‘Peace Process’ Meme: WHAT Peace Process?: Dov Fischer

Mark Levin: Hebrew scholars will study Trump’s Jerusalem decision ‘for the rest of time’: Douglas Ernst
PDT's Jerusalem Move Deals a Blow to Terrorism: Daniel Greenfield
Levin torches hypocrite Dem flip-floppers on Jerusalem: Nate Madden

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Coinbase is now the No. 1 iPhone app in the U.S.: Thank $18,000 Bitcoin.: Rani Molla
An investor’s view of AI in 2018: Yoav Tzruya
Bitcoin’s Berserker Run Resumes After Exchange Breaks; Novogratz Says “Not Close To The End": ZH


Bike Lanes: Massive Fail: Dave Blount
Just Think Of Them As Democratic Operatives With Security Clearances: MOTUS
Pfizer denies fumes from Viagra factory are arousing town's males: Mike Moffitt

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