Monday, December 25, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Media Coverup of Obama Hezbollah Scandal a Precursor for “Operation Trump”?

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Media Coverup of Obama Hezbollah Scandal a Precursor for “Operation Trump”?: Treehouse
McCabe Remembers to Forget: a Comment: Scott Johnson
McCabe Retires to Escape Questioning: S. Noble

Leftwing Racism Is Real And This Week Has Given Us Two Excellent Examples: RS
Merry Christmas (And Other Random Thoughts): Derek Hunter
Facing Republican attacks, FBI’s deputy director plans to retire early next year: WaPo

Trump Admin Announces ‘Significant Reduction’ in United Nations Budget: GWP
Trump is checking off Hugh Hewitt's list: Don Surber
Dept. of Homeland Security Classifies Harrisburg Shooting as Act of Terror: Mike LaChance

"I am not American," said the Islamist; "I am Muslim": Majid Rafizadeh
California Governor Pardons Immigrants Facing Deportation: CBS-2
Attorney: Rep. Conyers 'sure as hell' won't be pressured into resigning: WESH-2


A Tax Bill About Growth, Not Envy: Star Parker
Harvard Gets No Sympathy for Complaining About New Tax on Its Endowment: Mike LaChance
GOP bill is good policy, while Democratic rhetoric is just silly: Steven Greenhut

Scandal Central

The results are in. Barack Obama was the roadblock to recovery: Flopping Aces
Insane Chain Migration Way the Latest Muslim Terrorist Came to the US: Daniel Greenfield
Fmr. Dem Candidate Indicted for Fraud, Theft From Low-Income Children’s Food Program: Katelyn Caralle

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Night Before Christmas: Air Cargo Deregulation Edition: BattleSwarm


"The most consequential president in the modern era": Don Surber
2017 Loser of The Year: CNN: Patrick Howley
Twitter Reverses Itself, Calls Rosie's Obscene Tweets Against Shapiro Abusive, Requires Their Deletion: DailyWire

Latest NY Times Bid To Smear President Trump Via “Anonymous Sources”: Howard Portnoy
Winning in the War on Christmas: John Ruberry
Julian Assange Vanishes Off Twitter: Pacific


Trump and the GCC set the trap, and the savages fell in.: Thomas Wictor
Guatemala to Move Embassy to Jerusalem, Backing Trump: USN&WR
Justin Trudeau On Returning ISIS Fighters: They'll Be An 'Extraordinarily Powerful Voice': Emily Zanotti

Europe: The Islamization of Christmas: Soeren Kern
Kuwaiti Cleric: “Slavery should be celebrated as one of the virtues of Islam’: BNI
Pope likens Muslim migrants “driven from their land” to Joseph and Mary: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Clues to How Neanderthal Genes Affect Your Health: Michelle Z. Donahue
Questions Remain After Eric Schmidt Steps Down From Alphabet: Elizabeth Vos
Can America’s Power Grid Survive an Electromagnetic Attack?: Naureen S Malik


Merry Christmas 2017: MOTUS
Spain's El Gordo lottery sparks celebrations across Madrid: LotteryPost
How James Comey Lost Christmas…: Treehouse

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QOTD: "This FISA stuff is the kind of thing that’s like a waterfall, only it cascades UP. Who would want to take sole responsibility for “wiretapping” a presidential candidate? Everyone on whose desk that landed would realize he had to talk to the person above him. The process already involves the FBI sending their applications to DoJ, and Bruce Ohr surely wouldn’t sign off on that before talking to Lynch. And Lynch, realizing the potential scandal for Obama, would take it to the White House, and the WH would get it to Obama himself. The probable reality is that before that happened on paper (or digitally) there would have been voice only discussions to make sure nobody took traceable actions without full approval first...

...the fact is that if the GOP hopes to survive politically Republicans would be insane not to go for prosecution on as wide a scale as possible. You can’t allow coup conspirators to skate. In our political environment you hafta be careful–and maybe that’s what’s going on at DoJ–but in this situation they’ve gotta be relentless. If these guys skate and the Dems get back in, I shudder. They won’t stop at anything." --Retired FBI Special Agent via Scott Johnson

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