Friday, December 29, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Ex-NYPD Commissioner Kerik: We Should Be 'Scared to Death' of DOJ, FBI Corruption

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Ex-NYPD Chief Kerik: We Should Be 'Scared to Death' of DOJ, FBI Corruption: NewsMax
Just In: FBI Chapter of Hillary Clinton Fan Club Probes President Trump : Deroy Murdock
Dirty: Mueller, Comey held secret meeting before Comey Congressional testimony: GWP

Mistresses of Mirrored Halls: The Corrupt DOJ Side of 'Operation Trump': Treehouse
Did Awans Cut A Deal? January Court Date Mysteriously Disappears From Docket: ZH
Hillary Clinton e-mails to be released on December 29: Pacific

‘Intransigence’: Nunes Blasts Justice Department For Hiding Dossier Records: Chuck Ross
Rep. Andy Biggs tells Mueller to end 'witch hunt': Fox
Trump Ends 2017 Residing In His Enemies’ Heads: Kurt Schlichter

Newt Gingrich: ‘The stage is being set’ for GOP landslide in 2018: Jessica Chasmar
Democrat-run Baltimore sets record for killings per capita: Pacific
Crazy Person Yells At Disney’s Robot Trump: William Teach


CBO: At Least 4.5M Anchor Babies in U.S.: Breitbart
Why Farmer’s Markets Must Be Banned and Mandatory: Dave Blount
The NeverTrumpers Owe Us an Apology... Now: Roger L. Simon

Scandal Central

FBI Still Considers Dossier Credible: Matthew Vadum
Report: Mueller Probe Looking At RNC’s 2016 Digital Operations: Tierney Sneed
Trump Wonders Why Mueller Hasn’t Nailed Podesta Yet: Saagar Enjeti

The Judge In The Imran Awan Case Was Kicked Off The Fusion GPS Case: Sarah Lee
Huma’s cousin convicted of fraud, judge furious he tampered with case … by deleting emails: BPR
Scott Taylor: The Terrorist Congressman: CHQ

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Sends Out Tweet On Cold Weather And Global Warming, People Lose Their Minds: William Teach
Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered: Eric Worrall


Pew: Trump media three times more negative than for Obama, just 5 percent positive: Paul Bedard
Trump Approval Rating On Par With Obama’s After One Year In White House: Amber Athey
Now You Know It’s Serious: CNN Legal Analyst Agrees With Donald Trump on FBI and DOJ: Treehouse

Frontpage Man of the Year: President Trump: Daniel Greenfield
Tweet of the Day - CNN: John Hinderaker
Trump's top 9 accomplishments of 2017: Exam


ISIS Takes Hold in Pakistan: Kaswar Klasra
Study: Israeli Arabs Have Highest Life Expectancy in Muslim World: Tower
Gunman kills seven outside Coptic church in Cairo suburb: ministry: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Nvidia, AMD Aren't Including Bitcoin In Forecasts: Mark Kolakowski
South Korea proposes tighter Bitcoin rules, hinting at an outright ban: Russell Brandom
9 creative New Year’s resolutions: Julia Fawal + Nadia Petschek Rawls


MAGA – Make Art Great Again: MOTUS
Golden Retriever unwraps an adorable puppy for Christmas: Daily Mail
Meet Sheila Jackson Lee, Likely Candidate for Secretary of Transportation: Dave Blount

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait till Trump takes care of the Federal Bureau of Islam. Law Enforcement used to be an honorable profession.