Monday, December 11, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Did Adam Schiff Just Get Caught in an Elaborate Counterintelligence Sting?

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Did Adam Schiff Just Get Caught in an Elaborate Counterintelligence Sting?: Treehouse
Trump's Immigration Policies Are Working: Michael Cutler
Why Demanding A Right To ‘Dignity’ Destroys All Rights And Dignity Itself: Nathanael Blake

‘Everyone On Mueller’s Team Can Be Investigated’….Here’s How: Patrick Howley
WaPo: Trump's Hard Line on Illegals Bad For “Law Abiding Illegals” Or Something: RWN
Fired Mueller Agent’s Wife Deletes Clinton Support; Also Worked For Obama: BLP

Still paying for Bill Clinton: Don Surber
Has Trump found religion in the Oval Office?: Matthew Nussbaum, Politico
Chip Roy: The conservative candidate we've been waiting for: Daniel Horowitz

I go to UC Berkeley and I'm watching free speech slip away: Max Keating
I want to Bring Back Illinois, which is why I support Jeanne Ives for governor: John Ruberry
Is Jeff Sessions being blackmailed?: Robert Arvay


That Democratic rhetoric about taxing the rich? It's a con: Exam
Republican tax bill would tie the hands of blue-state governments: Joseph Lawler
Officials Announce First DoD-Wide Audit, Call for Budget Certainty: Jim Garamone

Scandal Central

13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller: ZH
Fusion GPS tried to tie Trump to Clinton’s pedophile pal Epstein as part of smear campaign: Rowan Scarborough
Sessions confirms to Howie Carr: DOJ investigating Ohr’s Steele Dossier ties: BFT

Climate, Energy & Regulations

More Global Warming Fraud: This Time, It’s Sea Level: John Hinderaker
Starving Polar Bear Video Makes Climate Alarmists Even Nuttier: William Teach
Starving polar bears: the fake news face of climate change: Fabius Maximus


Sam Stein Gets Pwnt Going After O'Keefe: Imperator_Rex
CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ Turns Network’s Colossal Screwup Into An Attack On Trump : Chuck Ross
Time to Get CNN Out of the Airports, etc.: Roger L. Simon


Path of Progress: WRSA
Firebombing Jewish Children in Sweden: Bruce Bawer
China makes chilling invasion threat to US as WW3 fears grow: Jamie Micklethwaite

Islamic State All But Destroyed: BattleSwarm
Iraq Declares Stunning Victory Over ISIS in Trump’s First Year As President: RWN
Christmas Market Cancelled as Organisers Couldn’t Afford €20,000 Anti-Terror Barrier Bill: Victoria Friedman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Google’s Quantum Computer Could Change the World: Jack Nicas
Female Entrepreneur: Google’s ‘Women in Tech’ Program Ostracized Her for Being Conservative: TruePundit
Phishing Attacks on Bitcoin Wallets Intensify as Price Goes Higher and Higher: Catalin Cimpanu


Top 10 Ugliest Crossovers and SUVs of 2017: AutoGuide
Physicist Geordie Rose recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants: Fellowship
Bullied boy called ‘ugly’ has celebrities rallying behind him: Post

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