Saturday, December 16, 2017

STRZOK’S "INSURANCE POLICY": How did legacy media cover the biggest political scandal in American history?

So the number two man in the FBI's counterintelligence was caught saying the following about the possibility of a Trump presidency.

George Neumayr summarizes the press reaction to this stunning and explosive revelation:

The media calls this a “mystery,” and not one it finds terribly intriguing. What, they half-heartedly ask, could he possibly be referring to? To anybody even remotely paying attention to the criminal leaks both before and after Trump’s victory, it is obvious what he meant. The insurance policy unfolded in multiple ways: the FBI planting stories in the press about a criminal probe into bogus Trump-Russia ties, CIA director John Brennan using the front page of the New York Times to float half-baked foreign intelligence on the Trump campaign, Susan Rice spying on Trumpworld, Sally Yates and company trying to entrap Trump officials, and Obama holdovers frantically collecting material for what they hoped would be an impeachment case against Trump...

...Everything and more that Hillary accused Trump of was on display in the collusion effort on her behalf: she hired foreigners to dig up dirt to influence the election, had FBI and Justice Department officials (one official’s wife worked for the dirt-digger’s firm) working to defeat Trump, had reporters in her pocket disseminating the dirt far and wide, had multiple CIA directors and “intelligence” officials endorsing her while inflicting damage on Trump through leaks, and had an attorney general who helped spare her from an indictment. Yet with all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Hillary couldn’t be put together again. And so the bitter-enders turned to de-legitimizing Trump until they could try to impeach him.

Any rational assessment would lead to Neumayr's conclusion. So how did legacy media cover the shocking "insurance policy" tweet?

According to a search of Google News today, the news outlets in the left column have censored any mention of the incriminating Strzok text:

CensoredNot Censored
• The New York #FakeNews Times
• The Washington #FakeNews Post
• The Associated #FakeNews Press
• ABC #FakeNews
• CBS #FakeNews
• NBC #FakeNews
• NPR #StateRunNews
• Politico
• Fox News
• The Hill

In short, the media cover-up of an apparent coup attempt by political appointees in the Obama administration is nearly as scandalous as the attempt itself.

Here is the timeline of treason.

These people need to go to prison. If they are allowed to skate, it's entirely possible the peaceful transition of power after the next presidential election may not be so peaceful. And the media will have played a major role in the destruction of our precious American republic. Because they are short-sighted, stupid, ill-educated and -- mostly -- of Communist leanings.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.

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