Thursday, December 21, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: FBI's McCabe Loses Dossier Memory, Brings Full Contingent of FBI Lawyers

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FBI's McCabe Loses Dossier Memory, Brings Full Contingent of FBI Lawyers: Treehouse
Trump, Republican leaders celebrate tax reform victory at White House: Sarah Westwood
Franken: No Really, I’m Quitting: Ed Morrissey

The Greatest Crime in American History Right Before Our Eyes: Imperator_Rex
McCabe Testimony: "Numerous Conflicts" With Previous Witnesses; Subpoenas Planned: ZH
Don't Fire Mueller, Mr. President: Let Him Keep Making A Fool Of Himself: Kurt Schlichter

Case against Cliven Bundy, Nevada rancher, declared a mistrial: Fox
McConnell Ditches Fake Flake, Backs PDT On Ending Chain Migration: Neil Munro
Senate Democrats Target Homeschoolers in Last-Minute Tax Reform Tantrum: Tyler O'Neil


Tax Cut Passes, Millions Not Dead: BattleSwarm
New tax rates could show up in paychecks as soon as February: Joseph Lawler
5 Things to Know About the Final Republican Tax Reform Bill: Tyler O'Neil

Fifth-Third and Wells Fargo Will Pay $15 Minimum Wage Thanks to Tax-Reform Bill: Philip H. Devoe
GOP tax bill: AT&T, Boeing among corporations rewarding employees: Thomas Barrabi
President Trump Keeping Promise On EMP Protection: FSM

Scandal Central

Did President Obama Read the ‘Steele Dossier’ in the White House Last August?: Lee Smith
Group of House Republicans have been quietly investigating the DOJ and FBI for weeks: John Bowden
Senate Dem Mark Warner warns Trump of 'significant consequences' if Mueller fired: Alex Pappas

Congress to Investigate Obama Scheme to Nix Investigation into Hezbollah Terrorists: Adam Kredo
Politico Reporter Pushes Back After Former Obama Officials Attempt to Discredit Hezbollah Report: Cameron Cawthorne
Former Assistant FBI Director: Insiders in the FBI Set to Expose Comey and Mueller: RWN

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Thomas Fire On Course To Become California’s Largest-Ever Wildfire: CBS-SF


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MSM Networks Ignore Politico Bombshell About Obama Letting Hezbollah Run Drugs Into U.S.: Debra Heine
New York Times won't fire Glenn Thrush amid sexual harassment claims: Brian Flood
Former Obama Adviser Imagines the Obituaries of Republican Leaders: Cameron Cawthorne

The Conceit and Insecurity of the Never Trumpers: EIB
Washington Post Is Super Enthused That Everyone Gets A Tax Break: William Teach
Racist Trees to Be Removed in Palm Springs: Dave Blount


Nikki Haley unleashes her two most savage tweets yet: AMN
Trump Threatens To Cut Aid For Those Nations Who Vote Against U.S. Jerusalem Move: William Teach
Trump Tells Countries Backing UN Over His Jerusalem Decision: We’ll Cut Off Your Money: Hank Berrien

Jews Have to Hide — First in France and Sweden, Now Germany: GoV
America Preparing "Bloody Nose" Military Attack On North Korea: Telegraph: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Walmart is planning a store without cashiers: Axios
Apple confirms: Your iPhone does get slower with age: USA Today
Bitcoin exchange goes bust after hack: Daniel Shane


What Might Civil War Be Like?: E.M. Cadwaladr
Tax Reform, Trump Style: Making America Great Again: MOTUS
Christmas Present - What Are the Odds?: MOTUS

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CPT. Charles said...

RE: Amazon Servers -- Apparently Jeff Bezos' (or Bezos himself) minions are unhappy with your blogging. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the fumes from disasters linger after the offending agent is removed. Trump has gifted America with more than a few good things in his short time in office and he is hitting the right buttons for it to all trickle down.
8 years ago Industries as simple as tree farming (for Christmas trees) did not have the funds to plant so they didn't, so now when one ventures forth for the annual Christmas tree he finds there are few if any suitable 6 to 8 footers, and the offerings present haven't been well taken care of.
Thanks Barry and Mooch, you didn't steal Christmas, you soiled it, and we can still smell your stench.