Sunday, December 31, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: DOJ and FBI Desperation: NY Times Attempts “Trump Operation” Justification

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DOJ and FBI Desperation: NY Times Attempts “Trump Operation” Justification: Treehouse
Trump is right about the FBI: Paul Callan
Ted Cruz Calls Out CNN's 'Iranian Pravda': Timothy Meads

Trump says No Wall – No DREAMers: Brent Smith
1.8 Million Immigrants Arrived in 2016, Matching Highest Level in U.S. History: CIS
Krugman Wrong, Again: James Kirkpatrick

Another anti-Trump hatchet job from the worst 'reporter' in America: Imperator_Rex
Maggie Haberman, professional hack: TheLastRefuge
Papadapoulos and Hillary's State Dept.: Rosie Unmasked

Scandal Central

Why Can’t the American Media Cover the Protests in Iran?: Lee Smith
Who stopped investigators from taking down Hezbollah drug ring?: Bob Unruh
Wikileaks Drops Bombshell Proof of NY Times Colluding with Hillary Clinton: TruePundit

Climate, Energy & Regulations

How the Trump era is changing the federal bureaucracy: WaPo
Deep Freeze Ends a Dreadful 2017 for Climate Activists: Julie Kelly


The Iran Protests -- and The New York Times: Elliott Abrams, CFR
Year End Trump Report Card: Big wins but a bigger national divide: Paul Bedard
Reminder: Wikileaks revealed DNC and MSM conspired to elevate Trump to help Clinton: Michael Sainato (10/16)

Stunning Audacity – Clinton Tweets Support For Iranian Protests She Previously Helped Destroy: Treehouse
David Clarke says he will ‘b**ch slap’ the ‘scumbag’ media over FBI report: Sooper
Eric Holder Blasts ‘Dangerous’ Trump in Tweet That Needs to be Seen by All: RightObserver


Anti-Government Protests Across Iran: BattleSwarm
Iranian citizens take to the streets to fight for their freedom: Kim Priestap
Iran Ignores Israel’s Warnings: Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira

Students clash with police amid Iran demonstrations: DailyMail
Iran's protests are powerful and real. Why are mainstream media outlets so quiet?: Fox
A Tally of Obama's Iran Sanctions Relief Includes More Than $10 Billion in Cash, Gold: WSJ (12/16)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Want Self-Healing Robots and Tires? Elastomers May Hold the Key: Tyler Berrigan
30 years after Prozac arrived, we still buy the lie that chemical imbalances cause depression: Olivia Goldhill
FCC creates national Blue Alert system just in time for the holidays: MassPrivateI


Ex-officials prosecuted for mishandling gov’t info see ‘double standard’ in Clinton case: Fox (2015)
Ewww: Sondrakistan
CNN Meme War: C&S

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