Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Popcorn Worthy – President Trump Has Rejected McCabe’s Terms

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Popcorn Worthy – President Trump Has Rejected McCabe’s Terms: Treehouse
Panic at the Washington Post: Paul Mirengoff
Dershowitz: McCabe Should Have Recused Himself Immediately: Pam Key

Feeble Resistance: Look at what the Democrats haven't accomplished.: Fred Barnes
Danger in 2018 for the Party of the Rich (Democrats): Roger L. Simon
NY's Tweedledees: two top politicians scramble for national attention: Bob McManus

Embattled FBI: we can’t verify dossier claims of Russia, Trump campaign collusion: Times
As Good As It Gets: Robert Gore
SC: Homeless Man Rushes to Help Police Officer With Difficult Arrest: LI

California Gov. Brown Pardons Two Illegal Alien Felons To #Resist: William Teach
Not Home for the Holidays: These American Hostages Need Help: Bridget Johnson
Rebuilding America First: Judith Miller


Heh: Trump Administration Cuts Quarter Billion From U.N. Budget: Treehouse
Residents of high-tax states petrified by GOP tax plan, thanks to #FakeNews media: Steven Malanga
GOP gains leverage over Democrats in January spending battle: Susan Ferrechio

Scandal Central

How to tackle Obama’s ‘cover up’ of the Hezbollah drug scandal: Heshmat Alavi
Jeff Bezos Humiliation: Amazon Employees Embroiled In Sex Trafficking Scandal: GWP
Mueller and Attkisson: John Cardillo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Doom: The Arctic Will Never Ever Be Frozen Ever Again Or Something: William Teach


The media ice begins to crack a little: Wesley Pruden
NFL looking at game plan to recover from record-low TV ratings: Jeff Mordock
CNN: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Is ‘Inherently Sexist,’ Should Be ‘Retired’: Breitbart


Here's a theory: the Flypaper Strategy. It started with this.: Thomas Wictor
Pope Francis scolds President Trump for Jerusalem, refugees. Pope Francis is wrong.: JD Rucker
Nikki Haley negotiates $285M cut in ‘bloated’ UN budget: Chris Perez

Obama Pissed: After ISIS Defeat, Christians in Iraq Proudly Celebrate Christmas: Katie Pavlich
France's Macron Submits to the Arab World: Giulio Meotti
Israel Foiled 400 Major Terror Attacks in 2017, Shin Bet Chief Says: HRV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Brawn in an Age of Brains: Victor Davis Hanson
Amazon and Microsoft employees caught up in sex trafficking sting: Mallory Locklear
Machine Intelligence Mimics Cognition: WSJ


Christmas at Valley Forge: John Walker
Boxing Day And All’s Right With the World: MOTUS
Vegas: Red Hammer

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