Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jesse Griffin, Anti-Palin Hit Blogger, Paid With 'Stimulus' Dollars?

Dan Riehl, Stacy McCain and Joseph Culligan are unraveling the backstory of Jesse Griffin, the liberal blogger who spread a set of curious rumors regarding Sarah Palin. Curious because, although they were completely unsubstantiated, the fables gained rapid currency throughout the left side of the blogosphere.

Griffin's fairy tales include Palin's impending divorce and Trig's scandalous secret.

So who is Jesse Griffin?

Well for one thing, we know he is a disreputable blogger who, even while underemployed as a part-time public school teacher in Anchorage, lives in a home valued at more than $300,000.

Riehl emails, "...This story has it all. Major tax liens, employee that isn't there but presumably paid, organizing partner that doesn't exist, high-powered progressive activist couple benefitting from stim-related funds. You name it, even sex..."

In a nutshell, Griffin's erstwhile employer can be linked to a powerful Democrat power couple: Catherine New and Eligio G. White.

White heads up Clinica Sierra Vista, a "community health center" that just took in roughly $4.3 million of taxpayer money in the form of "Stimulus" funding.

Riehl writes, "Out of the $850 million Michelle Obama was pushing during a visit to a community health center last month, Clinica Sierra Vista made off with over $4.3 million in taxpayer dollars:"

First Lady Michelle Obama paid a visit to a Washington, D.C., health center to underscore the critical role the national network of health centers play in health care. She visited Unity’s Upper Cardozo Health Center to announce the Obama Administration’s support for the renovation and modernization of health centers through the American Recovery and Re-Investment Act (ARRA), with the allocation $850 Million to construct or renovate health centers in urban and rural areas.

Did taxpayer -- Stimulus -- dollars help fund hits on Sarah Palin?

Someone's helping pay Griffin's mortgage and, like him, we're just asking questions here.

And at least the Stimulus package may have "saved or created" one job: Jesse Griffin's professional rumor-festering.

Read Riehl's article to get the entire scoop. It is citizen journalism at its finest.

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