Saturday, August 15, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: What We Want From the Republicans

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Palin rips Doc's Death Panel: GWP
What we want from the Republicans: Doc Zero
Specter's $1.6B windfall for trial lawyers: Examiner

Health care: the key to controlling everything: Goldberg
Non-existent Death Panels Removed from Health Bill: STACLU
Protesters Surround ACORN Bus Leaving Town Hall: GWP (Vid)

Nazis for me, but not for thee: McCarthy
Mile Long Tea Party Protest In Troy MI: BlogProf
Town Halls: Is Anyone Ready to Listen?: MYODB

Specter shocked, shocked to find individual mandate: Hot Air
More Government Does Not Mean Reform: PJM (Chapin)
There IS Joy in Mudville: Just Grits


Union Pensions to receive $10B gift from Obamacare: STACLU
The Dangers of Decompartmentalized Health Care Spending: Love
On Becoming Europe: Hanson

Brilliant: RI can't find its Stimulus money: LegalIns
Ginnie Mae head to leave; Tick Tick?: Denninger
Obama's big deals with Pharma: Pharmaquiddick: Fausta

More Corruption Charges Rain Down on Detroit Public School Workers: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

"We lost the original data": STACLU
Green Jobs Czar Van Jones: NoisyRoom
Can't see the heat for the cold: Commentary


Bush as Hitler, Swastika-Mania: a Retrospective: Zombie
ABC tries to link taxpayer protesters to extremist hate groups: NewsBusters
Sick: ABC's Skewed View of the World: GWP

The Left Discovers Manners: GM's Place
Obama a closet Cone follower?: AT (Morgan)
Obamacare Union Mafia Closes Dean Event To Public: Jawa


Hillary In Nigeria: Don't Feel Bad About Your Corrupt Elections. Our 2000 Election Was Stolen Too.: Mere Rhetoric
America and Venezuela More Alike Then Folks Want To Admit : JWF
Get the Popcorn: Hamas, Al Qaeda Kill Each Other in Gaza: Babushka

Why Muslim Charities Fund the Jihad: PJM (Ibrahim)
Oxymoron of the Day: Prairie


Obama's Plus-Size Surgeon General on Burger King Payroll: BlogProf


The Sordid Truth About Those Hideous Annoying Internet Ads, Discovered by a Babushka: Babushka
Obama Motors Unveils First Car: PeckSnif (Vid)
The Booze Death Calculator: Barstools

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