Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A Very Serious Problem

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A very serious problem: Dinocrat
Well, these ain't 'LIFE' panels: NEJM
Co-ops: just another road to single-payer: AT (Carpenter)

The Conservative Challenge: Power Line
Tensions flair at Union Town Hall: JWF
Return to Sender: BCB

Black Conservatives Hold Protest at NAACP: GWP
The reshaping of the GOP: CSM
Will "community organizers" be monitoring your weight?: MoneyRunner

Logrolling in our time: Instapundit
A Slap in the Face to Every Decent American: PatRoom
Liberals "Tired of Compromise": Ready to Ram Obamacare Down America's Throat: GWP


Fannie, Freddie and Washington: Panzner
We don't spend enough on health care: Karpel
No cones in Michigan: Surber

The Looter Mentality: Sanity
Granholm's Bizarro World: "MI off the mat!": BlogProf
Firm That Owes Axelrod $2M Receiving Money From PhRMA: Aces

Section-by-section health care review shows tax hikes on families, small businesses: GOPleader
Boehner rips Tauzin for giving in to big government "bully": Examiner
Health Care Tax Insanity Chronicles, Part 3 (IRS To Decide Amount of Taxation): LegalIns

Climate & Energy

Obama to spend $1 billion to fund offshore drilling - for Brazil: AT (Moran)


Ruh Roh: Media Diversity Czar Breathing Down Talk Radio's Neck: Noisyroom
NBC Poll: Plurality Now Oppose Public Option. Democrats Double Down On It: Ace
Why Obamacare is failing: Surber

Media Ignored Legal Gun-brandishing By Leftist Black Panthers in 2000 Protest: NewsBusters
Mike Lupica Beclowns Himself: JWF
Angry Mob Meets with Boxer's Rep: Temple of Mut


For the Left, war without Bush is not war at all: York
CSM: Why don't they shut up already?: Tobin
Ready for single-payer? Woman in U.K. Denied Ambulance, Gives Birth On Pavement: BlogProf

Britain Dragged into ObamaCare Fight: NHS Under Fire: PJM (McNally)
Middle East: Are We Stuck In This Era?: Rubin


Surprise: Missile Defense Works Even Better Than Expected: Closing Velocity
'Armadillo' Plays Well in Peoria But Is Panned by Drug Dealers : WSJ
Nothing has changed, except the superficialities: BizzyBlog


Press One for English: Rivoli Family
The SEC spits in the faces of fans: KnoxNews

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