Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Seniors Deserve a Health Care Bill of Rights

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GOP Offers Seniors Health Care Bill of Rights: Ace
The CIA Report: What Does It Say?: Instapundit
Rep. Herger calls Obama plan 'threat to democracy': Mt. Shasta News

Obama's plan to desecrate 9/11: Lucianne
The Tin Ears of the Bully-in-Chief and his Comrades in Arms: AT (Regan)
Obama vs. Obama: Hanson

Jacob Hacker Responds to “Trojan Horse” Quote:Verum
Can't wait for socialized medicine: VA faces cleanliness suits: S&L
Fiorina eyes Boxer rebellion: Times

It's all over but the whining: Fury
DC Court of Appeals to Neighborhood: Drop Dead: Mercatus


Former CBO head: Obama numbers: "spin and nothing more": Examiner
Colonial Bank Failure Highlights the Problem: Nielson
Feds skewed clunker results after SUV sales skyrocketed: SFgate

Unions fighting for $10B payoff in ObamaCare bill: Red State
Misconstruing the cause of waste: PJM (Ghate)


Elephant in the Room: Driscoll
NYT turnaround: Concerns Over 'Death Panels' Suddenly Not So Bizarre: NewsBusters
Relax, Conservatives: Liberal Media is Doomed: NSW

Palin Flummoxes the Elites With Common Sense: PJM (Ott)
Age of Reagan: Driscoll
"I had hope, but now I am afraid of the change.": Netword

"Danger for the White House: Collapse of Public Trust" by Clark Judge: Hewitt
NYT already offering reasons for death of ObamaCare: AT (Smith)
"How not get get a job in the PR industry": McClatchyWatch

Climate & Energy

Consensus thaws on global warming: IBD
U.S. Chamber of Commerce seeks 'Scopes'-like trial on whether global warming is man-made!: LA Times
Warming could cause tilt in Earth’s axis: Watts


Stay of Execution: Gaffney
CIA 'threatened' detainee with drill: S&L
Is there no honor among butchers?: Ace


The Modern Talking Pad: Godin
Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 U.S. Deaths, Report Says : Bloomberg
CDC may recommend universal circumcision: Patterico


Don’t mess, y’all, with Texisiansas: Surber
Tarantino’s Top Twenty (since ‘92): Verum

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