Friday, August 14, 2009

SEIU-linked Familes USA issues health care "study" pushing single-payer, MSM gratefully reprints nationwide

Families USA, a group that supports socialist causes, is working with public sector unions to fund $12 million in television ads supporting single-payer, government-run health care.

And when Families USA issued another of its curiously biased press release "studies" today, the mainstream media hungrily threw the stories into their content management systems, eager to reprint the press release in support of a big government takeover of health care.

A sampling of headlines, customized by region:

• Florida: Study: Fla. health insurance costs grow at triple the rate of income
• Maine: Health Insurance Premiums in Maine Skyrocketing, Study Indicates
• Connecticut: Study: Health care costs grow 7x faster than pay
• New Hampshire: NE health costs rise faster than pay
• Nevada: Report: Health care costs rising faster than wages
• Pennsylvania: Report: Health care costs rising faster than wages

There are certainly ones I missed. Put simply, the MSM just donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertising in order to help market the leftist agenda.

Note that this is the second time the decripit, dying mainstream media has conspired with Families USA to push socialized medicine on a resistant American public.

How come these groups never complain about government costs growing? After all, at least private insurers have to compete with one another. Who does the federal government compete with?

Oh, that's right. These groups despise America's laws, our traditions, our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which strictly forbid the federal government's interference in these affairs.

No matter, the progressives say that the Constitution is "living and breathing" (unlike the mainstream media), so they can morph it into any illegal direction they prefer.

The death of old media can't come quick enough.

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