Friday, August 21, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Reconciliation and Healthcare

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Reconciliation and Healthcare: Gormogons
The Strange Case of the Obama Meltdown: Hanson
They're lying, even as they tell the truth: JOM

What People Are Saying About Health Care: Surber
H.R. 3200, pages 701 to 800: Docs in a Union shop: Gormogons
Left-Wing Attack On Obama's "Health Care Toenail Clippings": LegalIns

Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Obama is working for us now: AT (Modica)
On Presidential Euphemisms: SIGIS


Passing the Smell Test: AT (Lisle)
SEIU warns Dems: ObamaCare must pass now: GWP
174 MPH Debt: CJunk

Kennedy: Hey, change the law for me!: JWF
Social Security -- Worse Than Expected: No Runny Eggs

Climate & Energy

Run for cover, the Earth is flatulent!: BlogProf
Greenpeace caught lying in order to stoke global warming fears: BlogProf


Unreal: MSNBC edits clip of man with gun at Obama rally to support racism narrative: Hot Air
Death Threats Against Bush at Protests Ignored for Years: Zombie
NYT says Marx is back in vogue: NewsBusters

AlfonZo Rachel takes on the thugs: PJM


Do Americans Care About British Soldiers?: Yon
Dealing with a failed state: Corner
Bush Quietly Saved a Million African Lives : Dr. Paul Kengor

Terror suspect tapped as Iran defense minister: Times
The International Red Cross' War Against Israel: PJM (Dann)
Hillary's Ego: Bigger Than the Congo: PJM (Chapin)


News of the Day: American Digest
Historically speaking, political violence is in what part of the spectrum?: Jacksonian

"Why does it take more than 1,000 pages of legislation to insure people who lack medical insurance?" -- Thomas Sowell

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