Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Surprise! Rush-rush 'Stimulus' bill still ain't working

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Young voters should re-examine Obama: Barone
The Array of WH ObamaCare Tactics Grows: AT (Cary)
Self-conceit becomes self-parody: Wehner

Massa: I don't give a rat's ass what my constituents say: Wizbang
Chickens***: Cold Fury
Palin wins on death panels... for fourth time: STACLU

Reality Check Fail: American Digest
Mistakes were made... by someone else: Ace
Who are your milk carton politicians?: Hot Air

Missing Detroit Voters Found: BlogProf
Boxer Rebellion: Holy Coast


The city that won't be working today: AT (Smith)
Surprise! Rush-rush Stimulus bill still ain't working: GWP
BofA buys Rezko mansion for $2.8M: Marathon

Taxing Your Mere Existence: LegalIns
Free cellphones are a right: Blatt
Car dealers still waiting for 'clunkers' money: Sun-Times

The gang that can't insulate straight: Post
Huge payoff for unions in support of ObamaCare: Atlas
HR 3200, Pages 201-300: Gormogons

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jobs Program: Jawa
Obama's Orwellian Hate Fest: PJM (Kimball)

Climate & Energy

Obama Energy Plan Mandates Scarcity: Atlas
Burt Rutan: engineer, aviation/space pioneer and... active climate skeptic: Watts


Huge pro-ObamaCare Ad Campaign Underway: Morris
Time's Joe Klein: Health Care Protesters Are Ignorant: NewsBusters
CNN anchor to protester: Hey, stop calling yourselves “real Americans”: Hot Air

Silencing talk radio in the name of 'diversity': STACLU
Taxpayer Funded NPR "Jim Crows" Town Hall Protesters: GWP
The NYT's 'Nuanced' View of Rahm Emanuel: A 'Tammany Hall Pol' Who Loves Puppies: NewEd

Gallup: Conservatives now outnumber liberals in all 50 states: CNS
Linda Douglass' Jedi Mind Trick: 'He didn't say what he said': BlogProf
Pelosi skewered at USA Today: Secrets of Vancouver

Bitter Spinster Dodd Says That Palin Wants to Shoot Democrats: BlogProf


A Navy Pilot remembers Scott Speicher: Ocean Guy
Hasta la victoria siempre: Commentary
Human Wrongs Watch 2: Soccer Dad

Shock: Raleigh MAS Spokesperson and Terror Apologist Trained in Terror Camps: Jawa
Delightful toys from the Arab world: TigerHawk


Hacker accused of massive ID theft: 10% of all credit cards: Times


Obama Joker Artist Found: Surber
Growl, 2009: Gerard Allen Van der Ginsberg
Girls in Bikinis Reading Star Wars: Jawa

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