Thursday, August 27, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: It's No Myth

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No Myth: Illegal Immigrants Covered: AT (Feldman)
More Liberal Lies About National Health Care: Coulter
Indentured Grandchildren: Lucianne

Chicago, Obama and Health Care Reform: AT (Miller)
NEA: A Tool of the State: BigHollywood
Now Is The Time At SDA When We Juxtapose!: SDA

ACORN In Retreat: Vadum
Obama's Civilian Troops Trained by Ayers: PJM (Grabar)
Youth Flake On Obama: B&R

Missing the Mark... Again: Big Dog
Town Hall in SondraKistan: SondraK
Letter Details Kennedy Offer To USSR: S&L


If Acorn Paid Their Taxes, How Much Would That Lower the National Debt?: SIGIS
The Real Fed News: IBD
Squirrel!: Protein Wisdom

New CBO projection: 2.3 million more unemployed in '10: Hot Air
Here comes another Judge! (BAC): Dennninger
How does $14 trillion sound?: EconMom

Real Homes of Genius: Today, We Salute You Temecula and Culver City: DHB


How We Got Here: Ace
Olbermann Breaks "Tony Soprano Rule", Drags O'Reilly's Dad Into Latest Attack: OlbyWatch
A 'lost' fact in the Rathergate debacle: Goldberg

CBS' Mapes Knowingly Omitted: Bush Volunteered for Vietnam: NewsBusters
As predicted: Dems Call For "The Kennedy Memorial Health Bill": LegalIns
TingleBoy: Obama Not Getting Credit For 'Recovery': NewsBusters

Quote of the Day: Power Line
Limbaugh and Beck open up a can of Whoop-Ass on Obama: PatRoom
Beck laughing all the way to the bank: Toldjah


“We have to go into the despair and go beyond it...”: Lucas
Al-Qaeda Murders Its Way Across the Sahara: PJM (Jacobsen)
Single-Payer Hell: Babies In The U.K. Born In Hospital Corridors, Toilets: BlogProf

Growing backlash against Gadhafi campout in NJ: Malkin


What Henry Hudson Saw: LGF
Y2Bee: SDA


Pilot's Post: Lowe
Danyl Johnson's Audition: X Factor 2009

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