Sunday, August 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Obama as Leninoid

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Obama as Leninoid: AT (Lewis)
Waterboarding Not Only Worked, It Was a Huge Success: GWP
Rangel Lied, 'Most Ethical Congress Ever' Died: JWF

ObamaCare Kills Jobs: Surber
Health Care Run By Trial Lawyers: Times
Race-baiter Watson praises Cuban health care: Malkin

How many in Congress will sign on to the five pledges?: STACLU
Dem Shea-Porter: find tea-baggers opposed to socialized medicine: BlogProf
Who is Van Jones?: TAB


Union payoff should get stripped from ObamaCare: Detroit News: Morrissey
Enzi blasts health care plan: Times
Not too bad for government work: IBD

NYT: Embrace the Coming Inflation: Ace
Mary Schapiro: SEC needs 'significantly more money': Zero Hedge
Nemazee's Slimy Cash: Examiner

Obama's labor secretary lets union officials off transparency hook: Examiner
Southern Cali's Shadow Housing Inventory Explodes: DHB
Party of the Common Man: Denny

Insider Trading (Again - DELL): Denninger


The WaPo Takes Cheney's Side On Enhanced Interrogation: Maguire
Video of the week: “It ain’t [America] no more, okay?”: Malkin
Progressive bloggers against the Declaration: STACLU

Conor Freakin'Dork is Back: Riehl
Lessons from the Left: Verum Serum
ABC won't run 'partisan' ad: Deceiver

Enough is enough, Harry: LVRJ
Inglourious Basterds, A Personal Take: Kesler


The Science of Islamic Terror: PJM (Muthuswamy)
U.S. moves toward formal cut off of aid to Honduras : Fausta
The Death Spiral of the Islamic Republic II: PJM (Ledeen)

From Russia with No Love: AT (Brownlow)
Obama’s impotence with the western world and jihad: Aces
Why is he still alive?: UNRR

Now we know: Wizbang
Global Anti-Chavez Day: Fausta
Sweden: Alluringly packaged abomination: JPost


Nine earthquakes reported in Oklahoma: NewsOK
3.2 Earthquake Shakes South Carolina: Post & Courier


Top Five Political Conspiracy Novels: WSJ
Fun to be had everywhere: TigerHawk
Starting to see a pattern here: Big Feed

The No-B.S. Exercise Ad: WWH
The Self-Portrait: Denny

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