Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Legitimate Criticism

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Legitimate Criticism: Doc Zero
The Community Is Restless: Steyn
Eureka! The solution to the health care debate: Kesler

Conyers goes after the felon vote: BlogProf
Smokin' Video on Obama's Trojan Horse: Ace
Five Myths About Health Care ‘Reform’: PJM (Emanuel)

60 Videos from 25 State Protests Against Obamacare: Instapundit
Panel sees race bias in health care bill: Times
NEA gives money to "pervs" for twisted fun: Examiner

Linda Douglass admits White House is breaking the law: RWN
Government-run health care killed my father: Examiner
Are Conservatives Being Too Mean To Liberals?: RWN


Deficit grew by $181 billion in July alone: The Hill
Dodd and Frank rape consumers -- again: Denninger
Tax Havens: the Economic Case: OrgExp

America's NOD: Denninger
The marginal cost of life: Classical
Blue Dog Driehaus lauds 60 'saved' jobs at $265K per pop: Virtuous

California: You Owe Us Taxes On Those IOU's We Paid You: Morrissey
Video Tour of Post-Apocalyptic Detroit: Vicious

Climate & Energy

Green Jobs, Brown Economy: NC Times


Will Media Investigate Astroturf Recruitment At Craigslist?: NewsBusters
GOP Rep. Booed for Telling People to Turn Off Glenn Beck: NewsBusters
MSNBC: They Disapprove Of What You Say And Will Defend To The Death Their Right To Smear You For It: Driscoll

'I am the mob': Vid from Tucson debunks Krauthammer, Kondracke: MoneyRunner
Kiss my A.P.A.: Psych Today
Total Douchebaggery Achieved: POWIP

Obama’s OFA ‘cooked up plan’ to astroturf community organize Congressional offices: ProWis


British Health Service: 3rd largest employer IN THE WORLD, Behind Chinese army, Indian rail: BlogProf
Success! Cuba's economy officially regresses to 19th century: Power Line
IED Planting Terrorists Die Due To Lack Of Wellness Programs And Helicopter Delivered Munitions But Mostly Helicopter Delivered Munitions: Ace

A vicious Saudi cleric is welcomed with open arms in London: PJM (Weiss)
LIFE Magazine in Israel, 1948-1967: Ben Atlas


More Saturn ring awesomeness: Discover
Not-So-Secret Deal: Big Pharma Will Spend Up to $150 Million in Ads to Push ObamaCare: Ace


Finally, a bumpersticker that brings us together!: AmerDig
In my inbox: TrogloPundit

Quotes o' the day:

"If you discount the illegitimate opinions of all those insurance company shills, Republican party operatives, and racists thronging the town hall meetings, why, ObamaCare enjoys overwhelming support!" -- Doc Zero

"Obama has awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve." -- Grizzled

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