Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hillary's Slithering from Legal Jeopardy Nearing an End?

The ability of Hillary Clinton to slither away from legal scrutiny is uncanny. Consider Travelgate, Whitewater, and the Barrett Report, all examples of alleged crimes and coverups that would have toppled a Republican administration.

Now a civil case brought by Clinton fundraiser Peter Paul threatens to dismantle's Hillary's hard-won reputation for evading legal jeopardy. According to insiders, on Sept. 7, 2007 the appellate court will rule whether Hillary will be included as a defendant in the case. No matter the outcome, though, she will be forced to testify under oath regarding the fundraising for her 2000 Senate campaign.

Equal Justice Foundation launches new site and documentary film

And, on Friday, the Equal Justice Foundation of America named the Hillary Clinton Civil Fraud suit brought by Peter Paul "The Most Important Whistleblowing Case in the Nation for 2007:"

...The Equal Justice Foundation of America, the public interest foundation dedicated to "Aiding Whistleblowers who expose corruption and abuse of the Rule of Law in America" announced today that it is designating the Los Angeles court case of Paul v Hillary R. Clinton et al as the most significant Whistleblowing activity in the nation in 2007.

"The civil fraud suit Paul v Hillary Clinton et al represents the efforts of Hillary Clinton's largest 2000 campaign donor turned Whistleblower, Peter Paul, to use the civil courts to expose the multitude of frauds and obstructions of justice that Hillary Clinton engaged in, with the help of then President Bill Clinton and leaders of the DNC, to win her first election to the Senate and avoid any accountability to the Rule of Law," commented EJFA President and Founder James Nesfield. "Because of the significance of the allegations involved, the mountain of evidence that supports these allegations, capped by the recent release of a smoking gun video that captures Hillary Clinton in the act of violating the law, inexplicably withheld for six years by a government agency, Paul v Clinton has been selected by EJFA as the most important whistleblowing activity in the nation for 2007."

Hillary's memory appears at odds with the smoking gun video

...EJFA is sponsoring the first ever documentary to be produced on Senator Clinton, Hillary Exposed: The Case of Paul v Clinton, focusing exclusively on the circumstances surrounding the case, using more than five hours of exclusive home videos of the Clintons made by Peter Paul when he was a close personal friend and largest donor to Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign.

James Nesfield, Founder and President of EJFA, was the highly publicized whistleblower who assisted the state of New York in exposing and fining the Mutual Fund Industry in the 2004 Market Timing scandal that cost investors more than one triillion dollars. His experiences as one of the most important financial whistleblowers in American history led him to recognize the need for a support organization for private whistleblowers...

Whenever the name Peter Paul comes up in Democratic circles, the reaction is sharp and instantaneous. The man's a convicted felon. He's not believable. It's outrageous that anyone would pay him credence.

Of course, the Clintons were more than willing to embrace the convicted felon when they needed money for Hillary's Senate campaign in 2000. The result was a spectacular, private Hollywood fundraising gala, the likes of which has never been seen before or since.

Last month, a video surfaced that appears to show Hillary clearly collaborating in the planning of the event. According to some observers, it is amazing new "evidence of Hillary participating, coordinating, and facilitating a hard money in-kind donation... It was illegal from the outset." Knowingly accepting or soliciting $25,000 or more in a calendar year is a felony carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

Help break through the Mainstream Media blockade of this case

Be sure and listen to the Hugh Hewitt show from Friday, where you'll hear additional details about this groundbreaking case. And visit the EJFA website and start spreading the word. There's a storm brewing and the first peals of thunder are echoing in the distance.

Update: Doug from Upland has posted a complete timeline of the Clinton-Paul affair. And Thomas Lifson, writing at the invaluable American Thinker site, weighs in.

Update II: Nuke Gingrich: 'The Truth-boating Hillary Campaign'.

Update III: The Truth-Boating Hillary Campaign heats up: The Astute Bloggers: 'Will Hillary Be Indicted Before She's Nominated - or After?'... Against Hillary: 'Peter Paul and Hillary: A Timeline'... Cao's Blog: ''... this Free Republic master thread contains more info.

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