Sunday, July 15, 2007

News you can use: 'Mrs. Bin Laden's sex secrets laid bare'

A tawdry story from the Daily Mail has a catchy headline:

Mrs Bin Laden's sex secrets laid bare

In a tearful and confused phone call to The Mail on Sunday, the British woman who has become Osama Bin Laden's daughter-in-law cast new light on her life since her marriage in April.

Speaking from a villa in Cairo, which she regularly visits for treatment for multiple sclerosis, Mrs. Bin Laden said: 'I need money to get to England and I need to see a good lawyer. I don't have any money. My husband doesn't have any money...

For a mere ten million pounds, Mrs. Bin Laden says she'll reveal all of the Bin Laden family's dirty laundry.

Daily Mail: Mrs Bin Laden's sex secrets laid bare

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