Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Iraq, WMDs, and the Truth

For those still in denial about Iraq, Townhall offers some interesting data (hat tip: The Astute Bloggers):

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, now director of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, told reporters that U.S. surveillance satellites captured images of vehicle traffic dispersing WMD materiel to urban locations in Iraq and moving large quantities into Syria as well.

"Those below the senior leadership saw what was coming, and I think they went to extraordinary lengths to [dispose, destroy and disperse] the evidence," said Gen. Clapper.

"By the time that we got to a lot of these facilities...there wasn't that much there to look at. There was clearly an effort to disperse, bury and conceal certain equipment prior to inspections."

Gen. Clapper added that there is "no question" that people and WMD materiel were moved by truck convoys into Syria.

The American Thinker adds:

Don't Be So Sure There Were No WMD in Iraq -- By Rachel Neuwirth

The references cited in this article strongly suggest that:

  1. WMD did indeed exist inside Iraq before the war.

  2. The weapons inspectors were both fooled and bribed to ignore evidence.

Picture: 2LA

  3. Massive amounts of WMD were removed to known locations in Syria just prior to the war.

  4. Massive numbers of Saddam's audio tapes and paper documents were collected and most remain unavailable and presumably un-translated...

Of course, don't bother to look for these stories and pictures in the New York Times. When the news doesn't fit its agenda, it disappears down the memory hole faster than a Snickers bar vanishes into Rosie O'Donnell's pie-hole.

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