Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ALT-LEFT MEDIA HARDEST HIT: Wasserman Schultz IT Aide Apprehended Trying to Flee Country

In a follow-up to yesterday's report that the FBI has seized the hard-drives of former Democrat IT staffer Imran Awan ("#FakeMedia Curiously Silent as FBI Seizes Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home"), Fox News's Chad Pergram reports on another stunning development.

This scandal is very real and shocking in its scope. There are credible reports that Awan and his family members:

• ...were secretly stealing classified and other confidential information from Congressional Democrats with the intent of blackmailing them
• ...had installed illegal wiretaps
• ...had threatened to kidnap uncooperative family members
• ...had conducted procurement and/or bank fraud
• ...and had been protected by former DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who herself alleged to have obstructed justice during the initial investigation of the family by the Capitol Police.

Now, with all of that as background information, perhaps "journalists" like Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter could dig into this very real, very troubling scandal.

Hahahahahahaha... just kidding!

Hat tips: Gateway Pundit and BadBlue Real-Time News.

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Stoutcat said...

I hope they don't let him out on bail. Chances are very good that he has a back-up passport and will rabbit once he's loose.

I also hope that the MSM will start covering this. Hahahahahaah, who am I kidding?