Monday, July 10, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: How to manufacture a scandal

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How to manufacture a scandal: GayPatriot
The Servile State: The Z Man
The Sum of Knowledge: Full Measure

Will California Ever Thrive Again?: Victor Davis Hanson
Presidents I’ve Known: George Roof
Ted Cruz: if GOP can’t pass health care bill, then we need clean repeal: Scoop

This IS, In Fact, Literally Hitler: Ace
Cambridge, Mass: No refugees for you! Neighborhood is too wealthy!: Ann Corcoran
Welcome to Baltimore city destroyed by the Democratic party: Pacific Pundit

Hundreds Of Voter Registrations Withdrawn In CO After Trump Mandate: RWN
Oregon Passes GOP Senator's Bill Facilitating Draconian Gun Seizures: AWR Hawkins
Poll: Mandel Widens Lead Over Brown in Ohio; Portman Sky High: PPD

Bernie Sanders’ Tweet Shows He’s Clueless About Socialized Medicine: Shifra
Missing in America: Muslims charged with crimes have disappeared: Ann Corcoran
Federal agent in Tucson gun-smuggling case: ‘Every family member had a .50 cal’: Curt Prendergast


Trump: ‘Era of Economic Surrender Is Over’: Ian Hanchett
Cash for Clunkers Was a Complete Failure: Daniel J. Mitchell
Former Sears employees worry about lost severance, possible reduced pension: CBC

Scandal Central

Facebook Destroys Massive Pro-Trump Group; Deplorables Under Attack: Patrick Howley

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Global Warming Study Canceled Because There’s Too Much Ice: RWN
Go Home, TABC, You’re Drunk (on Power): BattleSwarm


It’s True: Liberals Hate Western Civilization: John Hinderaker
Sunday Talks: John Brennan Selling His Politicized Narrative via Chuck Toad: Treehouse
CNN Caught Lying: This Time, About “Peaceful” Protests in Hamburg: FedUp

Attorney Defending NYT in Palin Defamation Suit Claims “Honest Mistake”: LI
RNC Chair Slams Tom Perez to His Face For Vulgar Anti-GOP Rhetoric: Charles Fain Lehman
Teen Vogue pushing anal sex for teenagers: Pacific


Trump Grinds the G20, the Bureaucratic Underground, and CNN into Hamburger: AT
Angela Merkel at G-20: "I deplore" U.S. leaving Paris climate accord: Justin Carissimo
Germany: Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin: Soeren Kern

Blinded vet blasts Canada's $10m payout to Gitmo thug: AT
A Post-Warsaw Trump Principle?: KausFiles
A Rift Opens in the Kashmir Valley: Stratfor

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

T-Mobile Didn’t Work Either: P&F
Juno will fly a mere 9,000 km above Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: Maria Temming
The Missing Moon Files: Discover


Remembering a Nice Jewish Dentist, 73 Years After His Death: J.J. Sefton
Was Amelia Earhart Executed by the Japanese in Saipan?: Lisa Shaw
President Trump Picks Up Marine’s Hat… Obama Had a Marine Hold Umbrella: Tammy Bruce

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